Our Summer 2012 Curriculum

We are always learning, so of course, this list doesn’t cover everything we are soaking in this summer!  Life is a classroom!  We are learning life skills, as well as new concepts, as we do our chores, play outside, ride in the car…

I have found some gems for our fall curriculum- some great books that I am so thankful the Lord placed in my path!  I will add a page for our fall curriculum soon!

Leven is reviewing First Grade, and Catherine is catching up to him!  They will both be working in Second Grade this fall.  I am adding our own memory verses.  We do our Bible at night as a family.  The big kids are helping me teach the twins one important character quality all summer:  attentiveness!  The twins are working on 3 year old preschool.

You can click these to read more…

First Grade Reading

We are using a sweet little reader and workbook about an Amish family that lives on a farm.  We’ve already learned some great lessons in helping and obedience!  Each story has a corresponding workbook page on “Working with Words” and “Thinking About the Story.”  These are a great value, too!

We are doing a First Grade review book that covers a span of concepts each day.  This book is meant to be completed in a few minutes a day over a 36 week school year.  We are completing 3 weeks per week so that we can finish it this summer.  I like it because we are spending time on lots of different things in each day.  As of now, Catherine can do this independently, and we can go back over it.
Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout
I am picking and choosing lists that I think will be helpful.  Some weeks we will do 1 list.  Other weeks we will do 2 lists.
This is a fun little video course.  The course is 12 weeks and takes about 15 minutes each day.
Fonts 4 Teachers-  I decided to purchase this although I know there are places online to get handwriting fonts and worksheets.  This is around $25 and includes several manuscript, cursive, and decorative fonts that I can use to create our own worksheets.   We can write our memory verses, lines of hymns, poems, and character qualities.  I will enjoy this for years to come!
Arkansas Fun!
We are taking some time this summer to learn about our state!
A Beka Preschool for 3s
Language Development Visuals- These are huge, colorful cards that cover many concepts.  Comes with a teacher guide.
Child Art, Numbers, Letters- These books have been fun for the twins!  The pages are bright and colorful!
Bible Memory Cards-  You just can’t beat $3 for Bible verse cards with pictures!!

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