This is something new we are trying with the curriculum we already have in place.  Come back soon for an update!  If you would like more info on note booking, go to Notebooking


7 thoughts on “Notebooking

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    1. Shannon Post author

      That means a lot coming from you! 🙂 I just read your e-book over the weekend! Love it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and resources! I love your blog and The Notebooking Fairy… huge help for new homeschoolers (and experienced ones, too!). We have already- 3 weeks in- been having some “savor vs. finish” times, but the kids really love notebooking!

    1. Shannon Post author

      Hi! Thank you for your encouragement! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed peeking around your blog a bit today, and I look forward to reading more! I have become a HUGE fan of notebooking and narration since even writing this page! It has helped my enjoy homeschooling (and my children) even more! It’s nice to “meet” you! I look forward to visiting your blog again! 🙂


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