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Homeschool Calendar and Morning Meeting

Here is where we do our Calendar and Morning Meeting each day!  Fun!  You won’t see prayer listed here, because we do that before we come to the kitchen table. ( I can’t wait to share more about our schedule with you in an upcoming post!)

We don’t have a classroom, but here you can see a corner in our kitchen.

During Morning Meeting we:

~find, talk about, and write the date several ways

~sing and say the days of the week & months of the year

~count up to the date, backwards from date,  & show corresponding number of cubes (3 yr olds)

~What day of the week is today? Yesterday? Tomorrow?

~What is the date of next Tuesday?  What day of the week is June 19th?  What will the date be 2 weeks from today? etc.

~find patterns (This month it a simple ABAB, sun, flower, sun, flower)

~show date with coins on “class piggy bank”

~talk about odd & even

~observe the weather & talk about the seasons

~go over sight words (3 yr olds)

~practice family names with cards (3 yr olds)

~go over memory verses (We have a different verse for the twins and big kids.)

~go over Psalm 23 & practice finding it in the Bible (The big kids are brushing up on the KJV of this in addition to their weekly memory verse.  We will move to KJV Ten Commandments after 23rd Psalm.)

We are going to increase our morning meeting time in the fall!  We will be adding place value, hymn studies, and talk about a new “good manner” each day.