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Five Simple Pentecost Celebration Ideas


Tomorrow the Church traditionally celebrates Pentecost.  Here are few things we’ve been doing around my house to celebrate.

I hope these 5 ideas spark great discussions at your dinner table!

1.  Pentecost in the New Covenant as a reversal of the Tower of Babel




This first craft is very similar to my Pentecost post from  a couple of years ago.


Pentecost craft from 2013 post

 We first talked about the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11 , the sin of the people to stay together and build the tower, and the confusion of the language after the sin of the people.

“Now the whole earth had one language and the same words. And as the people migrated from the east, they found a plain the land of Shinar and settled there.”  Gen 11:1

What a contrast to the command God had given in Genesis 1 to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it” and again in Genesis 9– “fill the earth.”

Then, we talked about Pentecost as a sort of reversal or overcoming of Babel…

confusion vs. understanding

falling in sin vs. deliverance

 dispersion vs. gathering, etc.

I recently heard a pastor say that “our leaders want ‘one nation for every religion’ but Christians want ‘one Church of every nation.’ ”  That’s Pentecost– a bringing together of all nations so that they can carry the Gospel and God’s glory to the ends of the earth!

For this craft, the kids colored a Tower of Babel coloring page red, yellow, and orange as we reviewed and discussed the story.  We cut it out and added a face that could represent God as the people tried to build the tower to reach the heavens.

Then, we turned our papers upside down, we had a REVERSAL OF THE TOWER OF BABEL– PENTECOST!  Tongues of fire!


2.  Pentecost Song

“The Pentecost Song,” set to the tune of “Frère Jacques”

Flames of Fire, Flames of Fire

Mighty Wind, Mighty Wind

The Holy Spirit’s coming, the Holy Spirit’s coming

With His power, with His power

3.  Pentecost Cake for the “Birthday” of the Church


Happy Birthday Christ’s Church! Pentecost Cake!

How about a Sunday treat?  Birthday cake!  We made Pentecost cake for the birth of the church for our fellowship meal tomorrow.     Sing “Happy Birthday” to the Church!

4.  Comparison of Feasts and Reading of Ruth

“When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place.”  Acts 2:1

The feast of Passover was the first of 3 major feasts for the Israelites, followed by Shavuoth (Pentecost, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Harvest)  and Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths).  

Shavuoth is the Hebrew word for “weeks.”

Pentecost is a Greek word which means “fiftieth day.”

“You shall count seven full weeks from the day after the Sabbath, from the day that brought the sheaf of the wave offering.  You shall count fifty days to the day after the Sabbath.  Then you shall present a grain offering of new grain to the LORD.”  Leviticus 23:15+

As a farmer’s wife, I find it so interesting that the feasts revolved around the agriculture, the harvests…

Passover is identified with the barley harvest.  Pentecost is identified with the wheat harvest.  

Ruth is traditionally read during Pentecost because of the association with the wheat harvest.  We’ve been reading Ruth at my house this week and noticing the mention of the harvests as well as the inclusion of this Moabite into God’s people and God’s plan.  Hmmmm… sounds a lot like Pentecost!

More food for thought…. In what ways did Christ and His Spirit  fulfill the feast of Passover (Easter)?  Pentecost?  What is the significance of these Old Covenant feasts for us?

5.  The Prefix Penta / Pent

Pentecost means fiftieth day and is the seventh Sunday after Easter.  We talked briefly this week about how “penta” means five.  What words do we use with this prefix?  pentagon….pentathlon

I hope you have a wonderful Pentecost celebration with your family!  Grab a cake or some goodies, sing Happy Birthday to Christ’s Church, and have a great Pentecost discussion with your crew!

Visit a previous Pentecost post  with additional activities HERE.



Simple Ascension Day Snack

ascensionsnackHappy Ascension Day!  Today is forty days after Easter, so Christ’s Ascension is celebrated today.  What are we having for snacks?  Marshmallows!  It’s a stretch, but they are to remind us of the clouds!

Do you remember the little Easter hunt I created a few years ago?  The kids would find objects hidden around the house to tell the story of Christ’s last days on Earth.  The last object  kids were to find was a bag of marshmallows to represent the clouds Christ’s Ascension.   Well, we aren’t doing the entire hunt today, but we are the eating marshmallows!

I like to make memory triggers for my littles, and food usually works well!  😉

You can also get the objects for the Easter hunt and simply use them to tell the story.  Then, let your kids put the objects back in order!  CLICK HERE if you’d like to see the hunt! easter-hunt-20131-2

If you don’t have marshmallows for today, grab a bag before Sunday because this Sunday is Ascension Sunday!

I mixed different sizes just for fun!

I mixed different sizes just for fun!

At snack, my kids will have to count their bags of marshmallows!  When we combine all of the numbers, we’ll have a total of 40 marshmallows!  How can you incorporate 40 into your snack? Take 40 steps.  Say Ascension 40 times.  What are your ideas?

Last night at my house, Dad talked to us about the number 40.  Why was the Ascension 40 days after the Resurrection?  In the Bible, 40 is a number of preparation.  These ideas are a springboard for your own discussions with your kiddos…

Christ’s 40 days in the wilderness

Israelites’ 40 years of desert wandering

Moses’s 40-40-40 life pattern

40 days of rain on the ark

40 days Moses spent on the mountain

What else can you think of?

How are these times of preparation?

I hope you enjoy marshmallows and good discussions with your crew today!

I’ll post some Pentecost activities soon!  Until then, check out this post…



New “Busy Mamas” Bible Study from Doorposts! YAY!

Hi there, busy mamas!  I hope you are having a super week.


I am soooo excited about Saturday!  I love Saturdays anyway, but this Saturday is November 1st…   and  that means it’s the first day of the new Doorposts “Busy Mama” Bible study!   YIPPEEE!!


Click this picture from Doorposts or the link below to get started!

If you don’t already subscribe to the Doorposts blog, head over now and sign up!  You can participate this study, too and get each morning’s lesson delivered to your inbox!

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know how much I enjoyed the Proverbs 31 Doorposts Bible study!  I’ve been singing its praises for a few months!  (It even influenced me to teach my kiddos the Greek and Hebrew alphabets!)

p31 reminders

notes to myself in the kitchen from the Proverbs 31 study

And did you know I had planned to memorize Psalm 103 with my kids beginning in November?  Perfect!  My bigs are finishing up the Beatitudes and my littles Psalm 23.  We were gearing up for Psalm 103 and Psalm 100!   Maybe your kiddos can memorize with us!  (The last “busy mama” study included activities to share with your children each day! )


my rough plans from back in August…. with recitation scratched at the top… PSALM 103!

So join me in studying Psalm 103 beginning Saturday!

Coming Soon….

I’m planning to finish up a quick post highlighting the curriculum we are using this year!  It’s been half-way complete for 2 months now!  Thanks, Heather, for the reminder!  😉

coming soon

Go to Doorposts NOW to get started!

Kindergarten Reading Activities and Printable Word Family Pages

k reading activities

As a former First Grade classroom teacher, I have a lots of fun ideas for teaching my kinders to read.  However, as a homeschooling mom of 4 with a baby on the way, I don’t always get to the fun stuff!  Here I’ve included some of the most practical activities we do, but we don’t even get to these every day or even every week.  Some days we just read, and that’s okay.  😉


For ease, I’ll divide this post into 2 categories:  PHONICS and SIGHT WORDS.  I think mastering both elements are important steps on the path to becoming a good reader!

For now, each week, we work on basic C-V-C short vowel words and 2 or 3 new sight words.


  1. curriculum & workbooks
  2. pocket chart cards
  3. building words with magnets and letter tiles
  4. word family lists
  5. stamps
  6. shaving cream
  7. phonics readers
  8. flash cards

Sight Words

  1. poems
  2. sight word readers
  3. sight word sentences
  4. flash cards
  5. Bingo!


1.  Curriculum / Workbooks

We have been using Explode the Code Book 1 and Alpha-Phonics to aid in learning phonics this school year.  I couldn’t be happier with either one!   I use them as a guide for introducing word families.  Explode the Code has been great practice in writing as well as following directions.



2.  Pocket Chart Cards

I use a pre-made set of word family cards and pictures but plan to add some of my own cards and pictures using simple clip art.  My kinders think of this as a fun matching game!  We don’t always use the pocket chart… the floor works well, too!  🙂

pocket chart word fams

3.  Building Words… Magnets and Letter Tiles 

This is hands-on fun!  We build words with letter tiles on our “mats”  (pieces of construction paper) and use our magnets on cookie sheets.  It is a great way to practice working with words while taking away the added difficulty of writing.    It’s so easy to move one letter and change “bit” to “fit” and then “fit” to “fix” etc.


man, can, ran…

tile practice

We can also use the tiles to practice building names.

We also use our tiles and magnets with the pocket chart picture cards.  It is a step above simply matching the words and pictures.  The kids now have to build a word sound-by-sound.

tiles and pics

4.  Word Family Lists

I love using the tiles to create word family lists.  Simply move one tile to make lots and lots of words!  We have used these word family books (pictured below) (and only $1.25!) , and I liked them so much, that I decided to create some pages of my own.   You can download them for your kiddos at the conclusion of this post!  🙂  We


it word fam page
Download your own word family recording sheets at the conclusion of the post! 🙂

5.  Stamps

Much like tiles and magnets, stamps enable kids to build words without the added difficulty of writing.  Plus, they are fun!  🙂


6.  Shaving Cream… need I say more?  🙂

shave cream words


My big kids like this too… spelling practice. 😉

7.  Books!   Phonics Readers

One of my favorite resources for phonics readers is Sam’s.  Yes, that’s Sam’s, as in the wholesale club.  I have found numerous sets of Bob Books and Starfall Readers that have become old friends for us this year!  Check out the book section the next time you’re picking up toilet tissue!


Another favorite and often-used resource for phonics readers for us is Hubbard’s Cupboard.  Oh my!  So many free resources– including phonics and sight word readers– created by a teacher and available FOR FREE!  I print at least a book per week!



8.  Flash Cards

I use little notecard flip books!  It’s so easy to quickly grab a book and read words when we are in a time crunch!



Sight Words  (2 or 3 new words per week)

1.  Poems

We use our poetry notebooks to learn new sight words!  When things rhyme and are repetitive, the kids just remember them!  Here is an example of our “Up” poem.  (For sight word poetry resources, use the link above to see our poetry notebooks post.)

sight wd poem

I don’t choose a sight word poem for our notebooks every week.  Sometimes we just find sight words in other poems.


2.  Sight Word Readers

Each time we learn new sight words, the children get a new sight words book!  These are some of the resources I use…

Sight Word Stories

These are great little repetitive books!


Hubbard’s Cupboard Sight Word Books (AGAIN 🙂 )

I use these every week!  🙂  I just click over to the site and scroll down to the words we’re working on!  Easy peasy and free!


3.  Sight Word Sentences

Cut and Paste Sight Word Sentences

We use these for reading, illustrating, and copying sight word sentences!  Our next step will be to write sentences on our own!  🙂


4.  Flash Cards

I keep these on rings and in notecard flip books, but I also like to keep some on loose cards to display all week.


5.  Bingo!

I keep a little homemade bingo printable on my desktop so that I can quickly fill in sight words we’ve learned.  I write them in the boxes, and we have a free game!  🙂

You can download my Bingo! board by clicking the picture, but I warn you, it’s not too pretty!  😉  You could use with any subject… Latin words, science vocab, etc…



If you’d like to use my word family note booking pages, please click the picture below to download your own set!  You won’t find every short vowel word family, but I’ve included the main ones, along with 2 different blank formats for you to use!


word fam recording sheets


Happy Reading!

4 Activities for Memorizing Psalm 23

4 activ psalm23

My kinders are working on memorizing Psalm 23!  These are some activities we’ve done to hide it in our hearts.  Maybe they would help your littles, too!

1.  Psalm 23 Wordless Book

psalm wordless book

We made wordless books to help us remember the order of the verses!  My twins like to “read” them to us!  They are simply half sheets of paper stapled into a full size piece of construction paper.   My littles illustrated a white cover for their books.  Here are the colors we used:

  • white – The Lord is my shepherd
  • green- green pastures
  • blue-  still waters
  • red- restores my soul
  • gray- paths of righteousness
  • black-  valley of the shadow of death
  • brown-  rod and staff
  • yellow- Thou anointest my head with oil
  • purple- (wine) my cup runneth over
  • gold-  goodness and mercy, Lord’s house

2.  Psalm 23 Bracelet Craft

completed bracelet

These were fun!  My little girl wears hers everyday!  🙂  The colors are about the same as the wordless book.  Our inspiration for this craft can be found here.

bracelet colors


3.  Psalm 23 Picture Cards

psalm 23 cards

I found some great Psalm 23 clip art at  I used the pictures to make cards that my littles can use to retell the psalm.  There are a few that they still need a little help ordering!


4.  Psalm 23 Mini Book

{from Christian Preschool Printables}



Aren’t these the sweetest?  I love these little books and have printed other ones from this site in the past.   You could also cut these apart and use the pictures to work on putting the verses in order!

We’ve also been doing hand motions, singing, and watching our cups overflow in the bathtub to remember this psalm!  🙂


You might also enjoy these other activities here at

i have no greater joy! …