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Pentecost Activities


Confession:  I forgot about Ascension Sunday (until we were on our way to church), so I wanted to be sure to remember to celebrate Pentecost with the kids.  However, I forgot all about Pentecost Sunday until Saturday night!!  😦  I grabbed Leading Little Ones to God as we were walking out the door Sunday morning so that we could review a Pentecost lesson on the way to church!  Ugh!  Dad told me that we should wear red, and we managed to find red hair ribbons and red ties– except for Jack. (I won’t let him wear ties yet. 😉 )…


We celebrated Pentecost today (Monday)!  Better late than never, right?  This is a short post on a big topic, but here are some little things we did…

I found a Pentecost song and craft at when one teaches, two learn.

“The Pentecost Song,” set to the tune of “Frère Jacques”

Flames of Fire, Flames of Fire

Mighty Wind, Mighty Wind

The Holy Spirit’s coming, the Holy Spirit’s coming

With His power, with His power

The flame headbands idea also came from when one teaches, two learn.


We talked about Pentecost as a sort of reversal or overcoming of Babel… confusion vs. understanding, falling in sin vs. deliverance, dispersion vs. gathering, etc.  This craft sure isn’t cute, but I think it gets the point across.

We started with a Tower of Babel origami printout.  I found this Mozi Esme.    We added a simple face/sun, wind, and clouds.  We colored the tower red.


After we cut it out, we can reverse the Tower of Babel (or turn it upside down) to make a Pentecost picture.   The tower becomes a flame.  Just go with me on this…


So, it’s not too cute, but hopefully it’s an activity that will be remembered… and hopefully I will remember to do a better job celebrating next year!