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June Fun and Silly Days

Here is the June Fun and Silly Days calendar!

Print one and have a party at your house, too!  Even if I just spend a little 15 minute chunk of time on these things here and there, it adds a little fun (and a good memory) to an otherwise ordinary day.

june fun and silly days

Here are some fun ideas and links:



Aquarium Month:  Make this Aquarium in a Cup snack from Kraft.  Which day did God create the things we can see in aquariums?



Dairy Month:  I am excited to try making yogurt in the crock pot!  This recipe is from Money Saving Mom.  I’ve got my ingredients and some fun jams, fruit, and chocolate chips for stir-ins.  Making yogurt at home might save this busy mom some trips to the store!  What does Paul say about milk in 1 Corinthians 3?


June 5- Richard Scarry’s Birthday:  Our Busytown books have always been favorites!  They would entertain us in the doctor’s office waiting room for hours!  Here is a Busytown Mysteries website.

June 8- Vacuum Cleaner Day:  Oh, I love this!  I think all children in my house will learn to use all of those fun attachments and do some dust zapping!  Woo hoo!

June 10-  Ben Franklin’s Kite Day:  I’m sure we’ll read about this and fly grocery bags.  Yep, that’s right!  We’ve found that plastic grocery bags and yarn make great kites!  So, go fly a grocery bag!  I think we’ll talk about some of Benjamin Franklin’s great quotes, too!  “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  “Well done is better than well said.” “A good example is the best sermon.”  And the debatable, “Wine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  Did he really say that?  I’ve always loved Psalm 104:14-15.  What do you think?

June 12- Anne Frank’s Birthday:  My oldest daughter (7) has read 2 Anne Frank biographies.  Our grandparents just visited Anne Frank’s house!  They brought us another book that we are excited to read!  Did you know that Anne Frank’s diary was a birthday gift?  Maybe we’ll start journals of our own!  

120308-yarn1June 14- Sandpaper invented in 1834:  I am always thinking about life skills.  Do my children know how to change batteries, put gas in a car, mop, use sandpaper?  Time for a quick lesson!  I’ve also been wanting the preschoolers to make yarn pictures on sandpaper!  Fun!  This activity is from Momtastic.

June 16- Father’s Day:  I’m on the lookout for some good crafts!  Any ideas?

June 17-  Eat Your Veggies Day:  Here’s a cute lesson all about farming from Daddy’s Tractor using the book Who Grew My Soup? Kids find out just where all those goodies come from, sort veggies, and make soup!  Great for Eat Your Veggies Day!

antsluggardJune 18-  International Picnic Day:  After your picnic, learn about ants!  And then open your Bibles and learn about what hard workers they are!  We did this ant lesson from Heart of Wisdom last year as part of our First Day of Summer fun.  I still have this great little gem comparing ants and sluggards printed, laminated, and hanging in my kitchen!  I refer to it often!

June 21-  First Day of Summer:  You can click here to read about our First Day of Summer fun last year.  We went on a scavenger hun and nature hunt, made giant bubbles, and made snow cones!

first day of summer

June 23- Forgiveness Day:  Wow!  Get out your Bibles.  So much to talk about!  Maybe get a calculator, too!  What is seventy times seven?

June 25- LEON Day:  Leon is Noel spelled backwards.  It is exactly 1/2 a year until Christmas.  I’ve never heard of this…



June 26- Toothbrush invented in 1498:  I like The Soda and Egg Brushing Experiment from Our Montessori Home.


June 27- Helen Keller’s Birthday:  My children have loved learning about this amazing woman!  This would be a great time to do some activities about our 5 senses and thank God for each of them!

There is a fun or silly day every day in June!  For more info:

Make every day a holiday!  Happy June!


Happy Donut Day!

Happy June and Happy Donut Day to you!  


Next week I’ll be sharing a “June Fun and Silly Days” calendar with links for fun activities!  Today is Donut Day!  June 3rd is Egg Day and June 4th is Aesop’s birthday!  June is also Dairy Month, Great Outdoors Month, and Iced Tea Month!  What a party!


We are having fun learning from Leviticus, and I am excited about some fun activities…



AND I’m still planning to share what I think about this whole blogging thing now that

my blog is 1 year old!  

Happy June!  Have fun!

Fun and Silly April Holidays

I got this strange idea last weekend to look up the fun and silly April holidays.  Maybe we need an excuse to have a little extra fun!   Pick out a holiday or two and join us!  Here is a calendar {for the last half of April} and some ideas for celebrating!

silly days for april '13

13. Scrabble Day Scrabble was created by Alfred Mosher Butts in 1938. How old is Scrabble? Play Scrabble!  Use the tiles to build words and add up the points!  It’s math and spelling in one!  You can print Scrabble letters here.

15. Titanic Remembrance Day The Titanic sank on this day in 1912. This year marks the 101st anniversary of the disaster. Check out some Titanic library books, print some Titanic coloring pages, and discover even more with science experiments on sinking ships.

16.  National Librarians Day  If your family is like mine, you visit the library A LOT!  We really want to celebrate this day!  Here are some ideas for giving your librarians a treat:

“Good librarians are just ‘mint’ to be!”  We love these yummy mint chocolate cookies!  They are so easy because you use sugar cookie mix!  Add a tag and let your kids sign it!photo

“Our librarians are smart cookies!”  You can’t go wrong with m & m’s cookies!  Make 2 batches and keep one for your family!  Click here for the “perfect m & m cookie” recipe!

m&m cookies

I changed up a back to school teacher bag for our librarians!  We are going to use this!  Print out this tag, pick up some goodies, and fill a bucket or basket for your librarians!  Or check out this post for more ideas… “Donut” you know we love you? or Thanks a “latte!”  🙂nlibday

22. Jelly Bean Day–  Here is a jelly bean prayer printable along with jelly bean poems and lessons!  Or graph your favorite flavors!

26.  Arbor Day–  Plant a tree!  Learn the names of all of the trees in your yard.  Have fun outside doing a tree nature study with the Handbook of Nature Study blog and look at the freebies.  Read Luke 6:43-45.  “Each tree is known by its own fruit.”  What does this mean?

26.  Pretzel Day–  Do some pretzel math like graphing, sorting, and patterns.  Make easy pretzels using refrigerated breadsticks.

28.  International Astronomy Day– Sing “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizza-pies” to the tune of Way Down Upon the Swanee River to remember the planets in order.  Check out this long list of astronomy activities, experiments, and printables for kids. Visit godmadekknown, an astronomy blog chronicling all that a family is learning about our Creator and His universe!  You will find astronomy-themed Bible verses for (almost) every letter of the alphabet and hymns, too!  Check out the Friday’s Factoid category written by the students!  Also go to NASA’s Space Place.

29.  Zipper Day–  The zipper was invented by Gideon Sindback in 1917.  Make zipper bag ice cream!  Sounds yummy!  (This will be great for a letter Zz activity!)

national garden month


We enjoyed National Zoo Lovers Day on April 8th!

There is a fun or silly holiday every day in April!  You can read about more April silly days from these 2 sources where I found information for this post:

Have fun!

Simple Seuss Celebration

Dr. Seuss was born on March 2, 1904.  That means his birthday is tomorrow!  This “holiday” was a big deal when I taught First Grade!  However, we kept things simple here.  We decided to celebrate with an easy breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham!

happy bday dr seuss

(We had to celebrate early because Saturdays in our house are reserved for donuts… at least in the winter when Daddy is not in the field and can go to town to get them!)

The kids mixed BLUE food coloring with YELLOW eggs (and also ham) to make GREEN EGGS AND HAM!  






The Birthday Buddies: Interviews with My Irish Twins

5 years ago ~ turning 2 and 3

5 years ago ~ turning 2 and 3

My Irish twins’ birthdays are just one day apart!  Catherine was born the day before Leven’s first birthday.  For one day in February each year, they are both the same age!  It’s so fun!  This year they were both 7 for one day!

My four-year-old girl-boy twins have always thought that Leven and Catherine are twins, too.  🙂

Catherine is minutes old.  Leven is 364 days old.

Catherine is minutes old. Leven is 364 days old.

I saw birthday interview on a friend’s blog, and I love the idea!  Here are my interviews with Leven and Catherine…

Ladies first- Catherine:


How old are you?  7

What is your favorite book?   Hmmm.  That’s too hard.  I love lots of books.  I’ll say Berenstain Bears.

How would you describe yourself in one word?  Well, I want to be clever.  That’s not one word.  I know.

Favorite food:  Cheddar cheese

Favorite movie:  Little House on the Prairie  (We have the DVDs of all of the episodes, so to her, this is a movie.)

Favorite thing to do in your free time:  make pot holders and crafts

Catherine read her first Little House book this year.  She's making Little House crafts and dressing like the characters.

Catherine read her first Little House book this year. She’s making Little House crafts and dressing like the characters.

Favorite subject:  Science

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I want to be a mom– and an author in my free time, you know- if my kids take a nap. ( 😉 )

Favorite song:  Psalm 98


Favorite game:  hide-and-seek

Favorite toy:  Sally and Butterscotch (her doll and horse)

Favorite snack:  crackers with butter

Favorite thing about our home:  It’s fun!

Greatest blessing:  My best blessings are my brothers and sister.  I never get lonely.  Someone always pops up and asks me to play or talks to me.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?  You know, a teenager

What would you say to someone you just met?  My family has 4 kids and a dog.  I want to be your friend.

Do you have a goal for yourself?  To do the right things everyday.  How do you know what is the right thing?  The Bible tells me.

What is your best joke?  How can a farmer win an award?  He must be “outstanding” in his field.

What do you think is special about you?  I am the richest girl in Arkansas because I have the best family.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  I want to go to Israel and Hawaii.

Leven IV:


How old are you?  8

What is your favorite book?   The Bible

How would you describe yourself in one word?  Young man.  (That’s not one word, either.)

Favorite food?  bacon

Favorite movie?  God’s Outlaw

Favorite thing to do in your free time:  explore outside

I think he would live outside if I would let him!  Here he is planning a tree house at 6 am in his pjs!

I think he would live outside if I would let him! Here he is planning a tree house at 6 am in his pjs!

Favorite subject:  Math

What do you want to be when you grow up?  a farmer, an explorer, or a scientist

Favorite song:  All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name to the tune of Diadem


Favorite game:  Do you mean on the iPad or a real game?  I like the car racing game on the  iPad or chess if you mean a real game.

Favorite toy:  Well, it’s not a toy, but I really like my bb gun.

He's a pretty good shot!

He’s a pretty good shot!

Favorite snack:  peanut butter rice cake

Favorite thing about our home:  my room

Greatest blessing:  my family

How do you see yourself in 10 years?  strong, a hard worker, and handsome

the Outdoor Boys in their winter uniforms of skunk and coon hats

the Outdoor Boys in their winter uniforms of skunk and coon hats

What would you say to someone you just met?  I live on a farm, and I’m 8.

Do you have a goal for yourself?  to be more Christlike

What is your best joke?  Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?  He was chicken.

What is special about you?  I am like my dad.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  my home

In the past, Leven and Catherine have raised money on their birthdays instead of receiving gifts to donate to Christian charities that are meaningful to our family.


IMGP1453This year, they picked a goat and chickens for World Vision.  As much as they like helping others, I think what they’d really like are a goat and chickens on our farm!  We’ll see, guys…  Mom has to be able to handle the laundry well before taking on a goat!  😉