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A Fun “Kick Off” for Lent {and more Easter activities}


Here’s a great visual we are using as a Lenten “kick off”….

I put vase of white flowers on the breakfast table for a few days to spark some curiosity!  My children didn’t know the water in the vase had been tinted with red food coloring.

“I bought these beautiful white flowers for our table to celebrate Lent!  Lent begins this week!  Aren’t they pretty?  These white flowers really remind me of Jesus.  Why do you think I would say that?  Why does white remind me of Jesus?”

It didn’t take long for the children to notice a change!

“MOM!  Mom, look at this!  This petal is turning red!”


Watching the white flowers turn red has given us the opportunity to talk about what Jesus did at the cross when He took our sin upon Himself… the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!   You could do this activity any time during Lent or as a visual on Good Friday.

Here are activities we did last year to count down to Easter:

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Family Lenten Devotions and Easter Tree Ornaments


Empty Tomb Cookies

Each step in making these cookies tells a different part of the Easter story.  They stay in the oven overnight, and there is a surprise the next morning!


Christian Easter Hunt

There are no eggs in this Easter hunt!  Kids find objects that tell about Jesus’ last days on Earth.  It was fun to find olives, old shoes, marshmallows, soap, and more!  If you don’t want to do the hunt, just get the objects and use them for retelling the Easter story.  Then, let your kids put them in order!


Wordless Book with a Song for Sharing the Good News


John 13 Activity


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I hope you enjoy counting down the days to Easter with your little ones!


An Easter Morning Surprise… Resurrection Cookies

empty tomb cookies

The steps in making Resurrection Cookies briefly retell the Easter story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  My friend told me about these last year (Thank you, Karen!) but we never got around to making them.  I thought it would be a fun tradition to begin and something to make our Easter celebration special.  The cookies stay in the oven over night, so it would be perfect to open the oven on Easter Sunday, “on the first day of the week, at early dawn” for your surprise!

Crushing the pecans remindes us that Jesus was beaten and mocked after His arrest…photo

The vinegar represents the sour wine offered to Jesus on the cross…photo

Eggs represent life.  Jesus gave His life to give us Life…photo

Salt reminds us of the salty tears shed by Jesus’ followers and the bitterness of our sin…photo

Sugar represents the sweetest part of the story, Jesus’ love for us…photo

The white color of the mixture reminds us that we are washed clean and “white as snow” because of Jesus’ death on our behalf…



After folding in the nuts, the rocky mounds remind us of the tomb where Jesus was laid…photo


Sealing the oven door with tape reminds us of the sealed tomb.  Leaving the cookies made us a little sad…photo


The next morning, we went back to the oven for a surprise!…photo


The cookies were hollow!  That reminds us of the empty tomb!photo

Do you want to make Resurrection Cookies?

We found the recipe for these cookies in A Family Lenten Devotional Guide:  The Word Became Flesh by Faye Maynard.  You can read about it here.

Here is a recipe for Resurrection Cookies with printables from Motherhood On A Dime.

happy easter

“Why do you seek the living among the dead?  He is not here, but has risen!”  Luke 24:5-6

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!  According to His great mercy, He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading…”  1 Peter 1:3-4

Wordless Book… and 2 Fun Links for Celebrating Holy Week with Kids!

My heart was dark with sin, until my Savior came in

His precious blood, I know

Has washed me white as snow

And in God’s Word I’m told  I’ll walk the streets of gold

To grow in Christ each day, I’ll read the Bible and pray.

We received our first Wordless Book from a dear teacher at our church when my oldest daughter was 3 or 4 .  She told the children, “If you are a Christian, you are a missionary!”  We’ve kept that little, 2-inch, paper book for years now.  It is a sweet reminder of the Gospel and all that we celebrate on Easter, so we are making our own!


We are using felt for our homemade Wordless Books.  You could even use paper or colored cards, and if you’re really crafty, you can make yours open to a double page spread of each color!  We chose the simple route!


My daughter decorated the book above with felt stickers and sewed on a felt cross and a button.  We snipped a little hole in the corner of each page and put the pages on a book ring in this order:  black, red, white, gold, green.  Add a cover if you’d like!

This is  the Wordless Book Song:


Here are 2 fun links with activities for families and children for EACH DAY of Holy Week:

 Children’s  ~ As you talk about Palm Sunday and the cloaks thrown down for Jesus, donate your coats to those in need!  This idea and more at Children’s Ministry. (There are a lot of ideas for churches, but they can be easily adapted to family!)


 Thriving  ~ Great ideas plus this one from Thriving Family. com:  On Good Friday, look at a white carnation.  Talk about Jesus being an unblemished Lamb.  Put the flower in a vase of water tinted with red food coloring.  Watch what happens for the next several days and talk about Jesus taking our sins upon Himself.



We are excited about making Empty Tomb / Resurrection Cookies this week, and I hope to make washing each other’s feet a part of our Holy Week festivities.

We are exploring the events of Christ’s last days on earth with our new interactive Bible software and one of our favorite books! You can go to the new “Favs and Funnies” page to learn more about these favorites!


~our new Bible software


~from Journey Through the Bible

{ Happy Holy Week to you! }

Another post you might enjoy:

Easter Hunt 2013

A Christian Easter Hunt Telling the Story of Jesus’ Last Days on Earth {printable}

Easter Hunt 2013

Our family had a GREAT time with this Easter hunt!  As promised, this is the hunt where NO  eggs are needed!  You will need an old shoe!  Ha ha!  We found items to tell the REAL story of Easter!  We remembered the Reason for the Easter Season!

We started with finding leafy branches for the Triumphal Entry and ended with marshmallows for the Ascension.  After we found each item, we stopped to hear that part of the story.  The children were so excited, that there were a few times that it was a little hard to calm down and listen, but we did it!  {We have recently discussed all of these Bible passages as a family during our Family Lenten Devotions, so I was able to summarize a story or two!}

It was very difficult for us to read about Christ’s suffering.  My husband and I had to take turns because we were both weeping.  This was a part of the hunt that we did not run around to find an object.  I gave each child a cross to hold and then a sponge for that part of the story.

My favorite moment in the hunt was the look on my children’s faces when they opened a present and found nothing in it!  It represented the empty tomb!

Here are pictures of some of our fun!

hunt pics 1

Easter Hunt pics 2

Easter Hunt pics 3

Try putting the items back in order when your hunt is complete!…

items in order

I typed up directions and supplies for this Christian Easter Hunt so that other families might enjoy it, too!  I wanted an Easter hunt without the eggs and distractions.  I wanted to focus on Christ!  You can click below to print out your copy of the fun!  (When you find typos, please let me know!  🙂 )

easter hunt download pic

I hope your family enjoys this as much as we did!  

Some of the ideas for this hunt came from a seek-&-find book with hidden pictures called An Easter Hunt that we received as a gift a few years ago.  (Thanks, Mimi!)  I added items and created a real hunt to make it our own!


Remember the Reason for the Easter Season!