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Measuring Noah’s Ark… a BIG job!

measuring the ark

Doesn’t this sound fun?!   I think I may have been more excited than the kids to get to see how big the ark really was!  We’ve been wanting to measure the ark for quite a while, but the weather has been better for indoor activities here!  A rainy February {finally} ended with March coming in like a lion– snow flurries, freezing temps, and more rain!


But we finally got a warmer day! Hurray! (Notice the wind is 26 mph!)


ark heading out to field

I can’t think of a better way to use an unplanted field!

We began measuring at this pine tree.

We began measuring at this pine tree.

measuring tape1:2 size

ark - this long!

Whoa!  Can you believe it?!  Awesome!  I think dinosaurs and just about everything else could fit on a boat this big!

If we stacked 4 of these porte-cocheres on top of each other, they would equal the ark’s height!

ark height

We were not able to get the width measured because of WIND!  Whew!


The FUN idea for measuring the ark came from this great history curriculum that my sweet friend let me borrow. (Thanks, Sarah!)  I love it!  I’ve updated my curriculum page with this information and some other changes in our curriculum since the beginning of the school year!

Click the candle to go to the curriculum page.

lamp unto my feet