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Exodus Excitement Wrap-Up

exodus wrap

I’ve had so much fun in Exodus learning alongside the children!  These are some highlights from our adventures!   (I’ve included links at the close of this post for our activities from the beginning of Exodus.)

The girls made Miriam tambourines using disposable pie and cake pans.  This idea came from Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.  I found tambourine directions from Crayola.


The boys made High Priest breastplates and turbans.  This idea came from Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide.  We have used this book for a lot of fun games and crafts!  I highly recommend it!



The book suggests using buttons for the jewels and gold wrapping paper and cardboard for the breastplate, but we just used what we had!  The High Priest wore jewels for each of the twelve tribes and “took the tribes with him” as entered, acting as representative.

513S3bAfnKL._SY300_What reading of Exodus would be complete without a study of the tabernacle?  Thanks to this post from Danika Cooley at Thinking Kids, we were introduced to a book that helped us construct our own model of the tabernacle!  We used God’s Special Tent:  The Story of the Tabernacle and What Came After by Jean Stapleton, which includes paper patterns ready for cutting!  I especially enjoyed this book because as Cooley explains,

“The book ends with the triumphant fulfillment of the shadow the tabernacle represents.  Christ fulfills the promise of the priesthood, sacrificial system, and the tent.  We, the people of God, have become living stones in the house of God.  It doesn’t get any better than that!”


Thinking Kids also has suggestions for Bible activities, a free Bible curriculum, and free Bible notebooking pages.  We love notebooking!  (Look at the menu at the top of the Thinking Kids site for Bible Road Trip!)

We were able to take a virtual tour of the tabernacle with our Glo Bible software!


We used our Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines to see illustrations and explanations of each element of the tabernacle.


We did a lot of notebooking during Exodus and also studied all of that grumbling the Israelites did even after God parted a sea and rescued them from the greatest nation in the world!  We studied Psalm 78, the golden calf, and institution of feasts.  I’ve enjoyed Celebrating Biblical Feasts in Your Church or Home by Martha Zimmerman.

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Now, on to Leviticus….


My blog is 1 year old!  I’ll be sharing some reflections on one year of blogging soon.  It’s been an interesting journey…


“Let My People Go!” and More Exodus Excitement!

I am a little sad {sniff, sniff} to leave Genesis after spending almost an entire school year there, but we have moved on to Exodus!  What an exciting story with so much for us to learn!  Here are a few things we’ve worked on so far…

We made Moses and Aaron staffs.  I think these are a hit with the boys because I hear them “playing Moses” every afternoon!  “Let my people go!” they shout!photo

We used wooden spoons and left one side unpainted so that it looks like a staff when you hold it up and like a snake when you throw it down!photo


We have learned some interesting things about spiritual warfare!  Whoa!  Each plague and even the staff becoming a serpent was a direct attack by God on Egyptian gods and goddess.   Yeah!  I never knew that!

This is Apep, the serpent god of ancient Egypt.  He was the god of all evil and God started by showing pharaoh He was greater!Apep_1

Each plague can be associated with an Egyptian god or goddess.  We have studied nearly all school year about the importance of the Nile in Ancient Egypt.  Egyptians believed it was the source of all life and worshipped Khnum, the god of the Nile.  When God changed the waters of the Nile to blood, He was showing the Egyptians the real source of Life!

This is Khnum, god of the Nile.220px-Khnum.svg

For the first time this year, I let the big kids pick out their own little projects and work on them without any help.  (Yes, I know I’m behind!)  I let each of them choose anything having to do with what we’ve studied in Exodus.  I gave them a little direction as far as picking the project to study, but then let them work on their own.  Catherine choose to paint each of the Egyptian gods along with the matching plague.


Leven is our outdoors guy.  He sometimes asks to go outside before breakfast!  He asks for “survival gear” for his birthday and checks out camping and wilderness training books from the

For his project, he made a list of what the Israelites would have needed for survival in the wilderness, whether or not God provided these things, and the scripture reference for his findings.  He also wants to build a model of Mount

 My husband always tells our kiddos that they are training for reigning!  I think Moses was, too.  He protected and defended the weak 3 times, and after leaving Egypt spent 40 years as a shepherd, waiting and training, before God spoke to him in the burning bush, before he could be a leader for God’s people. It reminded us of David.  Our children, too, are with us in training– training for reigning!

We talked about the 40 year pattern of Moses’ life.  He spent 40 years growing up in the lap of luxury in Egypt.  He spent 40 years in Midian with Jethro and Zipporah.  And finally, he spent 40 years in the wilderness with God’s people.  Here are the pages the big kids added to their

Our excitement in Exodus is sure to continue with more fun projects and –if I have anything to do with it– more crafts!  🙂