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Can you name Joseph’s 11 brothers? Singing makes it easy!

We studied the children of Jacob/ Israel a while back in our journey through Genesis.


However, my four-year-olds are still singing this song, so I thought it was worthy of sharing… even late. 😉

If you’d like to print the words, click the picture!

jacob had 12 sons- song


You can print Abraham’s family tree by clicking on the picture.  Look in the “Quick Links” column.


Happy singing!  🙂



Fun with Joseph on Our Journey Through Genesis

joseph suncatchers

We are still journeying through Genesis at our house!  Here are some of the crafts we enjoyed while learning about Joseph and his life in Egypt.

Signet Rings

“Then Pharaoh took his signet ring from his hand and put it on Joseph’s hand, and clothed him in fine linen and put a gold chain about his neck.”  Genesis 41:42

This craft got a little messy, so I’m glad we used washable ink!  We used pipe cleaners and beads to make rings that fit little fingers.  We cut small ovals from styrofoam plates and pressed hieroglyph designs on our rings with pens.  Then we stamped away!

signet ring craft

Signet ring stamps

 {simple} Joseph Snacks

This was easy, fun, and required almost no prep!  Yay for Mom!  We decorated Joseph’s coat on coloring pages with goodies!

Joe snack

Joseph candy snack

Yep, I let them eat this. 🙂

Joseph’s Coat Sun-catchers

I’ve been wanting to make melted crayon sun-catchers with the kids for a while, and this seemed like the perfect time to do it!  What makes a more colorful sun-catcher than Joseph’s coat?!  I know you remember these, moms!  🙂

We used waxed paper, grated (with a cheese grater) crayons, and an iron.  IF YOU decide  to make these, use a towel between the waxed paper and the iron.  We found that a teeny-weeny amount of crayon shavings made the prettiest ones.




Aren’t they precious?  Even my big guy who doesn’t get very excited about crafts wanted to see how his crayons would melt.  And… so that these crafts wouldn’t be totally void of learning 😉 (although they were done in addition to our assignments), the big kids and I discussed character qualities that Joseph displayed throughout his life.  We came up with quite a lengthy list!  The littles retold the story as we worked.

Our journey through Genesis continues as we learn more about life (and death) in Ancient Egypt at the time of Joseph!  We’ve been studying mummies!  Yuck… more to come!  I’d rather make cute sun-catchers myself!  😉