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Simple Ascension Day Snack

ascensionsnackHappy Ascension Day!  Today is forty days after Easter, so Christ’s Ascension is celebrated today.  What are we having for snacks?  Marshmallows!  It’s a stretch, but they are to remind us of the clouds!

Do you remember the little Easter hunt I created a few years ago?  The kids would find objects hidden around the house to tell the story of Christ’s last days on Earth.  The last object  kids were to find was a bag of marshmallows to represent the clouds Christ’s Ascension.   Well, we aren’t doing the entire hunt today, but we are the eating marshmallows!

I like to make memory triggers for my littles, and food usually works well!  😉

You can also get the objects for the Easter hunt and simply use them to tell the story.  Then, let your kids put the objects back in order!  CLICK HERE if you’d like to see the hunt! easter-hunt-20131-2

If you don’t have marshmallows for today, grab a bag before Sunday because this Sunday is Ascension Sunday!

I mixed different sizes just for fun!

I mixed different sizes just for fun!

At snack, my kids will have to count their bags of marshmallows!  When we combine all of the numbers, we’ll have a total of 40 marshmallows!  How can you incorporate 40 into your snack? Take 40 steps.  Say Ascension 40 times.  What are your ideas?

Last night at my house, Dad talked to us about the number 40.  Why was the Ascension 40 days after the Resurrection?  In the Bible, 40 is a number of preparation.  These ideas are a springboard for your own discussions with your kiddos…

Christ’s 40 days in the wilderness

Israelites’ 40 years of desert wandering

Moses’s 40-40-40 life pattern

40 days of rain on the ark

40 days Moses spent on the mountain

What else can you think of?

How are these times of preparation?

I hope you enjoy marshmallows and good discussions with your crew today!

I’ll post some Pentecost activities soon!  Until then, check out this post…