Our BIG List of Bible Activities

gen-ex collage2

1.  Understanding the Days of Creation Through Drawing

2.  Measuring Noah’s Ark

3.  Tower of Babel activity for Pentecost

4.  The Call of Abram

5.  God’s Covenant with Abraham

6.  You Reap What You Sow… Jacob’s Tricks

7.  Joseph Crafts, Snacks, and Fun

8.  Can You Name Joseph’s 11 Brothers?  Learn this song!

9.  Joseph in Egypt  (Scroll down to see “Zaphenath-paneah” in hieroglyphics.)

10. ” Let My People Go!”… Exodus Activities

11.  Exodus Wrap… Tabernacle


Learn the 10 Commandments in 5 Minutes!

Leviticus Collage

Leviticus Activities Wrap Up

psalms 2

1.  Psalm 1

2.  Psalms of Thanksgiving

advent coll2

1.  Our {semi} Homemade Jessie Tree Ornaments

2.  “No room for them in the inn”  {a barn animal visit}

3.  Prophecies Fulfilled  {nativity scene activity}

lent Collage2

1.  Family Lenten Devotionals

2.  A Christian Easter Hunt Telling the Story of Jesus’ Last Days on Earth

3.  Resurrection Cookies

4.  Wordless Book

5.  John 13


Pentecost Activities

other bible Collage2

1.  A Servant’s Heart

2.  Put on then…

3.  Go to the Ant

4.  ACTS Prayer

5.  Valentine’s Day Encouraging Words

6.  Teaching the Trinity for St. Patrick’s Day


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