Meet Our Family


“You have given him his heart’s desire and not withheld the request of his lips.                For you meet him with rich blessings!”  Psalm 21:2-3

Welcome to the adventures of our family!   I am Shannon, the wife of a wise, devoted, above-and-beyond husband, Charles.  The Lord has blessed us with four precious olive shoots around our table– Leven, Catherine, Mary Sorrels, and Jack. My cup runneth over!  Join us as we embark on a new journey–  homeschool!  We hope to use this blog as a tool to keep our family and friends updated on this new phase of life as we seek to lead our children to walk in the Truth.  I have no greater joy.

Here we are in the field!  We live in Arkansas where Charles is a farmer.

These are our “big kids.”  Leven is 7, and Catherine is just 364 days younger!  She’s 6!

Here are “the twinies!”  Mary Sorrels and Jack are 3.

all the kiddos having a snack

Our life is busy– even on our most relaxed, laid back kind of days!  Keeping up with this crew is sometimes a challenge, but…

I cannot imagine being any happier than I am right now!

Yes, my cup runneth over!


21 thoughts on “Meet Our Family

  1. sarabethgrace

    Lots of smiles! Looks like your family has much joy and fun together. I look forward to checking back on your blog, we are beginning the homeschool journey 🙂

  2. livingmyportion

    Hi Shannon.
    I just “stumbled” on your blog and am so glad that I did. What a blessing to read just a bit here and there around your blog. We live in SC in the heart of cotton country so your cotton field photo was like looking at a field as we drive around town. We are not farmers but the cotton fields are my favorite thing about our little town. We also homeschool and seek to serve the Lord in our lives daily. I am following you now and look forward to reading more in the days to come. Blessings! Robin

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Thanks, Robin! I loved looking around your blog and can’t wait to make my way back to look around more! It looks like your crew has lots of fun, and I am going to google that enchilada recipe! Mmmm! Your Monday Mornings look great. Love that. Cant wait to follow along.
      And, I love the cotton, too! 🙂

  3. Codi

    Hi I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood Award. I appreciate how you are spreading Jesus for the world to see. See my post today. 🙂


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