New “Busy Mamas” Bible Study from Doorposts! YAY!

Hi there, busy mamas!  I hope you are having a super week.


I am soooo excited about Saturday!  I love Saturdays anyway, but this Saturday is November 1st…   and  that means it’s the first day of the new Doorposts “Busy Mama” Bible study!   YIPPEEE!!


Click this picture from Doorposts or the link below to get started!

If you don’t already subscribe to the Doorposts blog, head over now and sign up!  You can participate this study, too and get each morning’s lesson delivered to your inbox!

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know how much I enjoyed the Proverbs 31 Doorposts Bible study!  I’ve been singing its praises for a few months!  (It even influenced me to teach my kiddos the Greek and Hebrew alphabets!)

p31 reminders

notes to myself in the kitchen from the Proverbs 31 study

And did you know I had planned to memorize Psalm 103 with my kids beginning in November?  Perfect!  My bigs are finishing up the Beatitudes and my littles Psalm 23.  We were gearing up for Psalm 103 and Psalm 100!   Maybe your kiddos can memorize with us!  (The last “busy mama” study included activities to share with your children each day! )


my rough plans from back in August…. with recitation scratched at the top… PSALM 103!

So join me in studying Psalm 103 beginning Saturday!

Coming Soon….

I’m planning to finish up a quick post highlighting the curriculum we are using this year!  It’s been half-way complete for 2 months now!  Thanks, Heather, for the reminder!  😉

coming soon

Go to Doorposts NOW to get started!


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