4 Activities for Memorizing Psalm 23

4 activ psalm23

My kinders are working on memorizing Psalm 23!  These are some activities we’ve done to hide it in our hearts.  Maybe they would help your littles, too!

1.  Psalm 23 Wordless Book

psalm wordless book

We made wordless books to help us remember the order of the verses!  My twins like to “read” them to us!  They are simply half sheets of paper stapled into a full size piece of construction paper.   My littles illustrated a white cover for their books.  Here are the colors we used:

  • white – The Lord is my shepherd
  • green- green pastures
  • blue-  still waters
  • red- restores my soul
  • gray- paths of righteousness
  • black-  valley of the shadow of death
  • brown-  rod and staff
  • yellow- Thou anointest my head with oil
  • purple- (wine) my cup runneth over
  • gold-  goodness and mercy, Lord’s house

2.  Psalm 23 Bracelet Craft

completed bracelet

These were fun!  My little girl wears hers everyday!  🙂  The colors are about the same as the wordless book.  Our inspiration for this craft can be found here.

bracelet colors


3.  Psalm 23 Picture Cards

psalm 23 cards

I found some great Psalm 23 clip art at ChristArt.com.  I used the pictures to make cards that my littles can use to retell the psalm.  There are a few that they still need a little help ordering!


4.  Psalm 23 Mini Book

{from Christian Preschool Printables}



Aren’t these the sweetest?  I love these little books and have printed other ones from this site in the past.   You could also cut these apart and use the pictures to work on putting the verses in order!

We’ve also been doing hand motions, singing, and watching our cups overflow in the bathtub to remember this psalm!  🙂


You might also enjoy these other activities here at

i have no greater joy! …




3 thoughts on “4 Activities for Memorizing Psalm 23

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂 That’s a tough one to tackle! 🙂

      I love your blog and all of the fun ideas you share. Several days ago, I read your post on writing for early childhood, and I want to come back over to your blog to check out the link for teaching channel. I haven’t heard about that. I was so impressed with the work your littles are doing and thought your ideas on writing about a friend (or sibling) would be a fun way to introduce recording our ideas on paper! I bet you’ve posted since that one, but I am eager to check out anything I’ve missed!


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