Makes Me Merry Monday #2

makes me merry mon

Hi there, moms!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend and that your Monday is merry!

In today’s post, I’m sharing a little way that we WASH LESS DISHES!  Yay!  Sounds good, right?

Have you ever noticed the top of rack of the dishwasher (or even worse– the sink) (or even worse– the counter!)  filling up before lunch?   Well, my very creative and crafty friend made a little priceless gift for me… personalized coasters!  The kids know right where to put their cups, and they never get mixed up.  They can use the same cups again!

p coasters

One cup for each kiddo and less dishes make me merry!

Look for a set of coasters with different designs or even label a paper towel or placemat with your kiddos’ names!  Less cups in the sink will make you merry, too!

Come back later this week because I’ll be sharing several fun ways that my kinders are

memorizing Psalm 23!  🙂

psalm23 bracelet2

Merry Monday to you!


4 thoughts on “Makes Me Merry Monday #2

  1. storiesofourboys

    Yes, I can totally relate! We just fixed this at our house this week. We pulled out a sharpie, and wrote each boy’s name on one. Granted, now when we pull a cup out of the cupboard, we have to check to see which boy it belongs to, but it has saved lots of cup washing.


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