Makes Me Merry Monday #1

makes me merry mon

Quick-Fix Homeschool Mom Hair 

Happy Monday, friends!  I am stepping way, way, waaaaaay out of my little lesson plan-craft comfort zone to bring you this post today– about HAIR!  Don’t worry!  I’ll be snuggled back up in my usual, cozy homeschool post territory very soon!  🙂

I don’t know about you, but I have a love – hate relationship with pony tails and clippies.  I love the convenience, hate the look.  I am usually scrambling around in the mornings to prepare for our school day, and I don’t have much time for hair-fixing!

My adorable (inside and out) friend told me about a blog with hair tutorial videos!  I love it!

quick-fix hair

I can go days between washings and still have a pretty cute style in minutes!

So, I wanted to share the ‘quick-fix yet still cute’ hair love with you!

Some pointers….

1.  I have found it really helps to invest in a good, higher end hair spray.  It makes a difference!

2.  I love this dry shampoo!  I even use it when my hair is clean for added texture.  It is CHEAP!  🙂


3.  In the videos, she suggests using Diane brand bobby pins.  You can get them from Amazon, and I really think they work better.

4.  Start with some texture in your hair.  I tease mine before I attempt any of the tutorials, and give it a good spray with dry shampoo.



5.  Keep practicing!  🙂  After you get the hang of it, you can have your hair up and cute in less than 5 minutes!

There are tons of styles to choose from, and you will find one you love!

FInally, here is the link:

—->   The Small Things Blog Hair Tutorials   <—–

Go!  Grab your phone.  Go hang out in the bathroom.  Try it!  🙂

Quick-fix hair makes me merry!

Merry Monday to you!

 Now… if I just had a quick fix for my gray natural platinum highlights!  😉


8 thoughts on “Makes Me Merry Monday #1

  1. sage_brush

    My hair is in one long braid, every day. That way I don’t have to think about it. Thank you Jesus! (coming from someone who was in bondage to their hair many years ago)

  2. livingmyportion

    I am NOT a hair person but what a wonderful resource. I saved it so that I can use in the up and coming teen years for my daughter how will be concerned about her hair soon. Thanks for going out of your comfort zone!! 🙂

  3. storiesofourboys

    It’s funny that you posted this today, because I have been thinking about this a LOT since I started home schooling. I can make my hair look cute down, or with a bobby pin, but since I feel like I’m working so hard all day, I am not happy unless my hair is OFF my neck. You know? So I have adopted this horrible, horrible new look that often includes not having time to get my make-up on, pony tail, and glasses. I have gone from cute mom to ug-fest lately. I definitely need to check out the tutorials…


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