Poetry Notebooks for Kindergarten

poetry nb

Hi there, friends!  I’ve missed being here and missed you!  Wait, did anyone even notice I’ve been gone?  🙂  If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this summer, I’ll happily tell you…  GROWING!  Ha ha!  Here is a pic that one of the kids snapped of me… and Baby.  Yes, mamas, that’s juice and kitchen wipes in the background.  😉  But maybe you couldn’t even tell because it’s so fuzzy.  😉


Well, I’m glad to be back in blogland!  I am looking forward to sharing our school-year fun with you here at i have no greater joy!

My crew did some school over the summer– 4 weeks of 4 subjects in July.  We took off in August and look forward to an “official first day of school” with all subjects next week.  This year I’ll have students ages 9, 8, 5, and 5 in 4th grade and Kindergarten.  I will be sharing all of our curriculum choices soon.  For now, I wanted to share with you the reason that my twinnies LOVE Mondays– new poem day!  

poetry nb 2

Poetry Notebooks for Kindergarten

My new little kindergarteners have been keeping poetry notebooks.  I got the idea for our poetry notebooks from my big kids’ sweet K schoolteacher.  I’ve treasured my bigs’ notebooks for four years, and now my littles have their own.

poetry nb 3

Each week the twins get a new poem to add to their notebooks.  I find one in a book or online and type it in a large, easy-to-read font.  This one activity has so many benefits…

  • sharpens memory skills
  • provides cutting practice (Ooooh, we need it!)
  • gives pasting practice.. when I let them do it 😛
  • can provide exposure to great poetry– of course!
  • helps kiddos learn to read– phonics and sight words
  • provides exposure to rhyme and rhythm
  • provides oral speaking & reading practice
  • and more 🙂

poetry nb 4

We read our poem of the week each morning and sometimes again later in the day.   Just look at all the words we are practicing!  (We could even take this into 1st grade and practice word endings, compound words, blends, the list goes on and on!)  We take turns reading the entire poem or alternate lines.  I ask them to find specific words.  Sometimes I cover a word and ask them what goes in that place.

I’ve recently started adding in some sight word poems.  Great practice!

photo 1-10

Oh, it will be so fun to add in poems for fall and winter and Christmas and Valentine’s Day

My 4th graders keep handwriting notebooks (Thanks for the idea, Julie!) and sometimes this includes poetry, too!  What a great way to sneak in a little poetry exposure without spending a lot of time on it!

photo 2-13

Poetry notebooks are just one of the many ways we are strengthening reading skills in our Kindergarten this year!  Check back for more ways that we are making reading FUN!

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23 thoughts on “Poetry Notebooks for Kindergarten

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Your year-long tree study caught my eye! I am going to come over to your blog and check it out! I haven’t been checking my reader all summer, and I’ve missed so many great posts! And thank you!

  1. godmadeknown

    Seeing your post in my reader this morning was like bumping into an old friend! I’m so happy your back at it. We’ll be making our official school start next week as well. Blessings to you in the new school-year. It looks like you’re off to an inspiring start!

  2. daddystractor

    I have missed you! Not that I’ve been all on top of my blog either, as you can tell with my 5 day old comment. :). I did poetry notebooks when I taught K as well, but i hadn’t thought about those in a good long while! I’m gonna pin this though, since Anna is calling this year preschool but mostly learning K. I may need another year of ideas for next year if she’s not quite ready for first! But we can learn whatever she’s ready for- doncha love homeschool!

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