A Fun “Kick Off” for Lent {and more Easter activities}


Here’s a great visual we are using as a Lenten “kick off”….

I put vase of white flowers on the breakfast table for a few days to spark some curiosity!  My children didn’t know the water in the vase had been tinted with red food coloring.

“I bought these beautiful white flowers for our table to celebrate Lent!  Lent begins this week!  Aren’t they pretty?  These white flowers really remind me of Jesus.  Why do you think I would say that?  Why does white remind me of Jesus?”

It didn’t take long for the children to notice a change!

“MOM!  Mom, look at this!  This petal is turning red!”


Watching the white flowers turn red has given us the opportunity to talk about what Jesus did at the cross when He took our sin upon Himself… the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!   You could do this activity any time during Lent or as a visual on Good Friday.

Here are activities we did last year to count down to Easter:

Click to visit each post.

Family Lenten Devotions and Easter Tree Ornaments


Empty Tomb Cookies

Each step in making these cookies tells a different part of the Easter story.  They stay in the oven overnight, and there is a surprise the next morning!


Christian Easter Hunt

There are no eggs in this Easter hunt!  Kids find objects that tell about Jesus’ last days on Earth.  It was fun to find olives, old shoes, marshmallows, soap, and more!  If you don’t want to do the hunt, just get the objects and use them for retelling the Easter story.  Then, let your kids put them in order!


Wordless Book with a Song for Sharing the Good News


John 13 Activity


Click image to visit post.

I hope you enjoy counting down the days to Easter with your little ones!

15 thoughts on “A Fun “Kick Off” for Lent {and more Easter activities}

  1. daddystractor

    We did the wordless book last year and stumbled upon them a few weeks ago. I was so surprised when my first grader could still remember the words! Such a great tool!

      1. daddystractor

        We used quarter sheets of felt and a metal ring and decorated covers with fabric stickers from my scrapbook collection. It was easy and the books looks as good as the day we made them!

  2. covenantheirs

    Love the idea with the white flowers and red food coloring. Thanks for sharing all the Lenten activities. Your effort to share is a blessing to others. I’ll pass along to my adult daughters for their families.

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Oh, thank you! I think it’s just great that we can all exchange ideas so easily with others with this modern technology! I am always blessed by reading ways other families are shaping little hearts and sowing seeds! Thank you for always encouraging me!

  3. godmadeknown

    I have tears in my eyes after reading this, the flowers and the foot washing! What vivid, heart-shaping memories for your children. I think the sacrifices of our Lord, in life and death, will forever be impressed upon their minds. You are such an inspiration!

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  5. mwfinchwren

    What lovely ideas! I think that this year we MUST do the Resurrection rolls/cookies…and I love your idea with the flowers. Thank you for sharing!!



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