Remember Me?


What have I been up to for 2 months?  😉  

Here are some snapshots…

These little guys…


…turned 5!

(You can read all about our December Birthdays here!)


5th bday

bday squares

I just looked through my phone pics to see what I actually have been doing for the past two months, and these pics were a pretty big chunk of it.  We tried really hard for two months or more to get a picture of all 6 of us for a Christmas card!  It was SO difficult!    Aren’t they funny?  I think my girls and I have BIG trouble keeping our eyes opened…

c card bloopers

Oh, and this gal turned 35!


We took a fun trip out of town overnight with just our big kids.  We stayed in “fancy” hotel and had a “fancy” dinner and enjoyed a night at the theatre.

trip lr

We all went on a trip to Monroe, Louisiana for the Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference!  (No, my husband is not a pastor!  🙂  But, if he’s not spending time with us, you can find him with a book by one of these guys in his hands!  We did go to the conference with our pastor!)


Oh, and I must live under a rock!  Ha ha!  Did you know the Duck Dynasty HQs are in Monroe?  Well, I didn’t until we decided to go to there!  Actually, I have seen one episode of Duck Dynasty, just didn’t know it was in Monroe.   😉

kids with dd

Jack cut his hair…


Charles and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in August and took a BIG trip to the Cayman Islands in January!  Whoa!  It was absolutely perfect.  I loved getting to soak up a completely different part of God’s Creation.  I just kept looking around me thinking, “All He did was speak!”  A friend told me that I should go and enjoy dinners without cutting someone’s meat and cleaning a spill!  Ha!  It was so nice to just sit.  Sit and rest.  But Mommas, I actually got bored a time or two!  Hard to imagine, I know.   It was a great refresher and really reminded me how much I love being a Mommy!  I came home  actually missing getting up early every morning to cook breakfast, listening to stories about stuffed animals who need to go to the doctor, folding laundry…. ok, maybe not folding laundry.  😉  I did come home with a new appreciation for my calling and my work tending my little vineyard.  Life would be pretty boring and meaningless without it!

cayman collage

We came home from the perfect 80 degree highs and 72 degree lows of Grand Cayman to an ice storm!


Jack had a tonsillectomy!  😦   His sisters entertained him during recovery by performing a stuffed animal talent show complete with music and a pink stage!


More big special days that we celebrated… my Irish twins’ birthdays!  They were both 8 for one day this year!  When I asked Catherine several weeks before her birthday what gift she would like, she said, “SNOW!”  When we woke up on the morning of her birthday, the ground was covered!

Last year, I interviewed these guys for their birthdays!  You can read the birthday interviews here!  Maybe we will still have interviews this year, too!


bday lc

Well, there you have it!  Three trips out of town, (one of those out of the country!), five birthdays, an ice storm, (Christmas!), and a surgery… that’s what I’ve been up to!  There were lots of ordinary, fun days sprinkled in there, too!

We’ve changed so much about our homeschool since the beginning of the school year, so I will post a mid-year update soon!

15 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. daddystractor

    You have been busy! It was fun to see all your pics though, and dream of going someplace warm and green! Our 10th is in march and we discussed Mexico, but I think we’re taking the kids to Florida in the late summer instead. We’ll have to take our big trip on a year NOT following a drought!! So good to hear form you again!

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Well, Happy 10 to you! 🙂 I completely understand! Believe me, I understand! 😉 I’ll have to check in our your blog to see what I’ve missed! Good to hear from you! Hope all is well with all of the littles.

  2. Especially Made

    Good to see you back to blogging! A lot of fun memories you have! We have the same challenges with Christmas family photos. There’s always someone looking the other way or making a funny face or getting up or crying. I actually think the outtakes are more fun to look at 🙂

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      At the time the pics were taken, I was pretty frustrated, but it is so fun to go back and see them now! I can just hear the kids making funny noises and saying, “Are we almost done?!” And of course I’m saying, “Just act happy, please! Just pretend!” Oh my! Ha ha!

  3. godmadeknown

    Oh what a fun surprise! I really missed seeing what you and your sweet family are up to! You sure have been busy but what great photos to remember it all by! Can’t wait for more!

  4. Jodi

    Ohhh yeah! You are back and wow, your life has been FULL😃
    Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! Love all your fun pictures and sooo wish we could escape the snow and cold to the tropics!!
    I have missed reading about your fun and sweet family, soooo happy to hear you are all healthy and getting back into the groove.

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Hi, friend!!!! Thank you for being so patient with me! Sometimes I feel like I can’t catch up! I am glad to be back in the blog-world so we can keep up and catch up! I know you have big things on the horizon!


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