Mom and Me: Individual Time with My Kids

mom and me

I’ve had this little illustration pinned on my bulletin board (a real one, in the kitchen) for years.


Am I a mom who shows her children how much I cherish them?  Do they really know how much I love them?  Am I giving them my time and attention?  Sometimes it is hard when there are so many of them and only one of me!  It is hard because life is so full of distractions.  Many times my sinful heart has tricked me into thinking that they are the distractions interrupting something else.  But they aren’t the “little distractions” I’ve often called them.  They are what life’s all about.

I really get tired, so tired of having most of my conversations with the kids revolve around school, training, correction, instruction.  I want quality time, quality conversations.  I have a sweet friend who prays for me each morning, and I asked her to pray that I would find ways to spend more time giving each child my attention.  I think her prayers were heard!

No more waiting to plan a mommy date or special outing.  It wasn’t happening.  I have been purposing to spend 20 minutes each day alone with one child.   That is very doable!  (Think:  how much time does it take you to check emails, read blogs, etc.)  I haven’t planned any special activities or trips; I’ve just given my time.  We call it “Mom and Me” time.

It has been a great couple of weeks!

I wanted to take my phone with me only to snap a few pictures of my time with the kids.  You can see how very simple our activities were.  Nothing fancy.  I let the kids pick an activity.

Monday:  time with the oldest son.  He wanted to teach me how to shoot his BB gun.

photo 1

photo 2

Tuesday:  time with oldest daughter.  She wanted me to open a pumpkin with her to get the seeds out, jump on the trampoline, and push her on the swing.

photo 3

photo 3

photo 1

photo 1

Wednesday:  time with youngest daughter.  She wanted to play with her dolls and stuffed animals.

photo 1

photo 2

Thursday:  I was supposed to have time with my youngest son.  It just didn’t work out.  We had a grocery trip and dinner out that day, and I just couldn’t find the chunk of time.  Boo hoo!

photo 2

The Mom and Me time rotates, so we just picked back up and made time the next day!  We played in the sandbox.


I wanted to think of an easy way to keep up with our time and who was next, but it turns out, the kids don’t forget.  They loved being able to spend time with Mom all by themselves.  If you are looking for a simple way to keep up with Mom and Me time, you could use a clothespin and a card with your children’s names.  This card is near our calendar to show the current month, but a card with children’s names would work well!


You could use a card similar to this one with kids’ names instead of months to keep up with Mom and Me time!

I hope this gives other mamas some ideas for spending time with your precious kiddos!  We made some great memories at my house these last two weeks.  I’ve also had a chess lesson and worked on a needle point!  If you have ways that you make alone time with your children work, please share them with me!  🙂

Oh, if you are wondering what the other children were doing during Mom and Me time…. they watched a video and read books.  😉

5 thoughts on “Mom and Me: Individual Time with My Kids

  1. covenantheirs

    As a mother, of now three adult children, and grandmother of six, I can so relate to this blog entry. Time is so fleeting, especially the child-rearing years. I simply loved and cherished those days as a young mom; and now God is giving me another opportunity to spend quality and quantity time with my grandkids. I needed this reminder, though, that when they are in my care…they need to know that they are more precious to me than checking my emails, doing laundry, etc. I’ll be passing this along to my daughters, who like you, desire to spend that special time with their kiddos. Being intentional is the key! Thanks!

  2. Heather

    Oh my, what a lovely post. And challenging! I have actually been feeling that tug at my heart lately to be fully engaged with my kiddos and not distracted by the cares of the world (email, etc) and what an excellent thought to purpose spending time with each child when it’s not connected to school or bad attitudes or chores. Certainly we glorify the Lord most when we make His priorities ours! 🙂 It’s remarkable how similar my family is to yours. An 8 year old, a 6 year old, and two 3 year olds make for busy times, and yet am I intentionally carving time out of my day to really, truly be with them? Thanks for the ideas . . . the wheels are spinning as to how I can implement this in our home. Also, totally unrelated but relevant, my twinnies are excited to make the owls you posted last week. How fun! We also had a GREAT pumpkin week inspired by your post and ideas awhile ago. My kids were so excited to get a break from the normal school day. Thanks for all the encouragement!!

  3. Especially Made

    Very inspiring! When I think that I have to plan a big outing with the kids, it doesn’t always happen. I do feel stretched … just one of me and 4 of them. Thank you for this post and the reminder to keep it simple and special.

  4. godmadeknown

    I was going to email you an update on how your inspiration for a more intentional prayer time with the kids was being played out…but since it kind of has to do with your new post…here goes! Thank you so much, by the way, for the post on prayer and this one. I really needed to read them both. I wasn’t sure how God was calling us as a family to pray, but I knew that he was. My husband is so good about praying with the boys individually each day but I wanted something we could do together kind of like you were, only not as cute, like with the book and all because I’m starting to realize my boys hate cute. We’ve been super burdened for our neighbors lately as it has dawned on us that we are the only Christians in this condo complex and we really don’t want to waste the time God has given to us here. Many of them are older retired folks who live alone and others seem to be going through various trials and doing so without the comfort, guidance and perspective a relationship with the Lord brings. So they are our new prayer project! We made a list of about 20 neighbors and the boys each pray for one of them a day. But the really special thing has to do with your post today. Last week I started sneaking out of the house after the boys were all down for the night and walking around the complex stopping outside of the condos of those on our prayer list and praying for them. When the boys found out what I was doing they all wanted to join in but I decided if we were going to continue to be sneaky I could only bring one at a time so since then they have been taking turns coming with me. I guess these little prayer walks are just like the “Mommy and Me” times you have been describing, and yes, they do make for some extra special memories together! Thanks again for always being such an inspiration!

  5. daddystractor

    Love this idea! I’ve been working on being intentional, “there,” even if I’m just asking what they want for breakfast, or using car rides as a time to really listen to the childish babbling! But I’m wondering what the other kiddos do while you spend time with one. I can’t even go to the bathroom alone-LOL!!


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