Surprise, Thanks, and a Winner!

So, I have about 3 minutes to write this post between preschool and math!  🙂

I was so surprised to find out that someone out there nominated my little old blog for an award!– A 2013 Homeschool Blog Awards award at The Homeschool Post!


Photo on 11-5-13 at 8.27 AM

I checked out these homeschool blog awards, and I couldn’t believe my blog would be listed among REAL blogs… you know… the ones that write e-books and give us great advice and tips and review products and have lots of subscribers… yes, those!  Wow!  I’m shocked and honored!


Photo on 11-5-13 at 8.27 AM #2

Photo on 11-5-13 at 8.38 AM #2

So, how does this happen?!  Well, some sweet friend out there in blog land nominated me!  So, whoever you are, friend, thank you!  You made this homeschool mom feel loved today!

I was nominated in the “Favorite Homeschool Mom Blog” category.  I will never win the award, but I sure am thankful for this sweet nomination!

I told my “class” about this award…

“Can you vote for yourself?”

“You will win, Mom!”

“Do they have a ‘cutest award’?  Your blog is really cute!”

Well, folks!  There you have it!  This mom is already a winner!

Photo on 11-5-13 at 8.36 AM

Photo on 11-5-13 at 8.27 AM #4

HSBA_2013_Vote-Now-300x300Go check out all the great blogs in all of the fun categories!

Happy Homeschooling!


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