Summer Snapshots

summer snapshots

Yes, I know it’s fall.  We have pumpkins at every door…

pumpkins for fall

But we had such a fun, slow, smiley summer that I want to remember these memories and these little ones even if I’m late posting them!  😉  Our summer was full of laughs, mosquito bites, tomatoes, flowers, dirt, Band-Aids, picnics, and playing!  We enjoyed God’s Creation and each other every day.  This crew keeps me busy!  I did not take pictures of all of the cups I washed or messes we cleaned or tears I dried or crumbs I swept or sandwiches I made or sticky fingers I wiped, but I appreciate those little moments, too.  They are hidden in my heart, and I know one day, I will look back and miss even those.  (My job now is to remember those moments really are little treasures when I’m right in the middle of them! 😉 )  I can’t imagine any other job in the whole wide world that could be any better!  My cup runneth over.  🙂




My mother-in-law planted these when she lived in our house! 🙂





“You have multiplied, O LORD my God, your wondrous deeds and your thoughts toward us; none can compare with you!  I will proclaim and tell of them, yet they are more than can be told!”  Ps 40:5


My big kids are growing up so quickly.  I can hardly believe I’m the mother to an almost 9-year-old.  They are such great helpers and examples for the littles.  They want more responsibilities and handle them so well.  Leven likes to be outside any time he’s awake.  He’s loud, energetic, and fun.  He loves playing with his siblings and insists that they are all called by their pretend names during serious play sessions.  He loves God’s word and has even started reading one of Dad’s books to understand the Bible better!


Catherine is quiet, gentle, and sensitive.  She wants to read during any free moments.  She is such a little teacher to the twins… reading to them, teaching them to sound out words, teaching them how to be more tidy… all on her own.  She is very organized and likes being a good student!  She always wants to help.  She always thanks me for everything.



Ignore the mess, Pop-Tarts, and PJs that don’t match.  That’s life right now.  Jack has taken a great interest in maps learned the names every state and many countries after our summer laundry and prayer project!  He likes to eat his food in the shapes of states… silly, but oh so cute!  He wants to do everything Leven does.  He loves to draw right now.  He draws detailed pictures of everything and sometimes goes through 20 pieces of paper a day!



“Look, Mom!  It’s the walls of Jericho!”

Mary Sorrels is such a nature girl!  She notices every bird, bug, and flower.  She wants to stop and look very closely at the tiniest things… especially if I’m in a hurry.  Oh, that I could be more like her!  This summer she has taken very good care of her dolls and “animals”… they are stuffed.  😉  She dresses them and hugs them and feeds them and has tea parties with them.  She loves to smile and hug!



ms yolo








tickle fights

tickle fights


 Here’s to a great fall filled with memory-making!  I want to make time in between all of the  breakfast dishes and laundry to have FUN with my kids!

Good-bye, Summer!  Hello, Fall!

garden pumpkin

happy fall yall chev

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12 thoughts on “Summer Snapshots

  1. mom

    Your posts warm my heart so much….. some days I would give ANYTHING to go back to the times when you and Clare were little. I didn’t appreciate it near enough. Your blog helps me relive those times. Shannon, you have been a blessing since the day you were born 🙂

  2. godmadeknown

    Oooooh, I loved this post! I love your porch with the swing. I want to visit with you there some time. And I loved the mud box. And I love that your son likes to eat his food into the shape of states. And for goodness sakes! What happened to your foot?

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      I got a little stress fracture after walking on concrete all day in flip flops! It was an ironman workout to me! 🙂 Bad pic, but funny memory. It was a long July in that boot! The porch swing will be waiting. You bring the coffee. I’ll get more Candy Corn Oreos! YUMMY! (You warned me!)

  3. booklovers1

    It always looks like you have SOOOOO much fun at your house 😀 God’s presence is clearly with you! The pictures made me smile, especially the ones where the boys are playing in the mud 🙂

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      About the mud… I kept thinking, “What a mess! I’m never going to get those stains out, etc…” But then I made myself let them have fun and make a memory! I wish I could do that more often!


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