Pumpkin Party! {our week of pumpkin lessons and fun}

We spent a week in homeschool last year having a Pumpkin Party! I guess you might call it a “pumpkin unit study.” We kicked off the week with pumpkin pancakes on orange paper plates made to look like pumpkins, and we had a pumpkin snack each day! We had pumpkin crafts, spelling words, math, and games! It was a fun week that the kids still talk about! We had a little theme for each day starting with “Which came first, the pumpkin or the seed?” Maybe we need another “party week” to celebrate Autumn… although it is still 80+ degrees here in the South! 🙂

i have no greater joy

We had so much fun taking a break from our normal curriculum (whew!) to have a big ol’ pumpkin party!  Yay!!  (You’ll see links for others’ great ideas!)

{Our pictures are little, so click for a better view.}

I could just eat them up!  🙂

We kicked off our Pumpkin Party week with pumpkin spice cupcakes that I made for church potluck.  None of my kids even tried one!  Ha ha!  I thought they were yummy!  (Our recipe is similar to this one.)

DAY 1 ~ Who made pumpkins?  How do they grow?  Which came first, the pumpkin or the seed?

Our day started with pumpkin pancakes on pumpkin plates.  We had fun playing pumpkin games.  We looked inside our pumpkins.  {While Leven was not thrilled with all of our crafts, he thoroughly enjoyed using the battery-powered pumpkin carver!}  We made the “pumpkin patch” paper plates seen in…

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4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Party! {our week of pumpkin lessons and fun}

  1. godmadeknown

    I love your four “quirky” little pumpkins all in a row! Just can’t seem to conjure up any fall feelings here in Hawaii :(. But we did buy a package of Candy Corn Oreo’s and oh my, it’s a good thing they’re a seasonal flavor or else…

  2. godmadeknown

    Consider yourself warned about the cookies 🙂 Oh, and a funny story about the picture…Apparently, while I was making lunch yesterday, a series of transactions occurred which ended with my oldest son selling the baby to his brother for a dime and I wasn’t able to get him back for almost 2 hours! Finally his diaper needed changing and he gave the baby up for free 🙂 The picture captures how excited I was to have him back!

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Oh my! Boys! That sounds EXACTLY like something my oldest would talk someone into… even though he never actually owned the baby to begin with! I bet it is truly a party-a-minute at your house!! I really do love the picture. Glad to get a glimpse of the excitement. 🙂


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