Family Prayer Book

family prayer book squares

A little prayer journey and prayer book…  I hope you might make one, too… 🙂

I have loved being able to spend more time praying with my children since beginning to homeschool.  It has been a blessing beyond measure.

We began this homeschool journey last year praying without any guide or plan.  We just kneeled around a big ottoman in our family room each morning and prayed.  We were no longer rushing off to school, and we had time!  (Dad leads us in family prayer time each night.)

– Then I tried to help my big kids loosely follow the ACTS prayer  only because I wanted them to learn to do more than ask!  I made them bookmarks for their Bibles. You can print an ACTS Prayer Bookmark below.



Our next step in this prayer journey was to try a prayer box with cards.  I thought it would be great to make “praise” cards and “supplication” cards and others and pass them out each morning.  Whew… this was not for us.  Parts, cards, passing out, etc… did not work with my four monkeys!

prayer cards box

We did away with our prayer cards and just took turns praying.  The sad truth is that I often forgot to pray for everyone that I intended to!

I decided to write down our prayers in a journal.  A prayer journal helps me, so I thought it would work for prayer time with the children, as well.


I wrote down all of things and people we wanted to pray for each day!  It was working well… no parts to keep up with, no forgetting.  We just added our own confession, praise, thanksgiving.  The only problem was, one of the littles couldn’t read it! So…

I let the little kids draw a few pictures for the prayer book.  I cut white rectangles that would fit on a journal page, and then I asked them to draw!

Then I saw a “prayer jar” post at Happy Home Fairy.  Isn’t this CUTE?!


Please click image to visit Happy Home Fairy!

I knew that sticks wouldn’t be practical for us, but I decided to do a pictures-in-a-book-version of this adorable prayer jar.  Everyone could participate.  Everything is contained.  YAY!

– Here are few of the PRESCHOOL sample pages from the prayer book.  The big kids just use words and no pictures.  😉

We pray for friends…

       I’ve asked friends from church who are sick or need jobs or undergoing therapy to text me pictures.  We printed them for prayer for friends pages.

We pray for our leaders…         (The “leaders” pages actually help the big kids, too!)


We pray for our farm…


We pray for our church, all of our mommy friends who are expecting babies, and all of the mommies we know with new babies.  We pray for our homeschool!  We pray for extended family.  We pray for those who are sick.  We pray for houses to be sold and jobs to be provided.  It has been wonderful to rejoice with my children when prayers are answered!

The written pages for the big kids are more detailed, but the simple preschool prayer pages allow even my pre-reader a chance to participate in our prayer time, too!

Of course we always have prayers that are not in the book, things the Lord has placed on our hearts each day…

“Dear Lord, I pray for Momma to have another baby– twins.”  (!!!!!) ~Mary Sorrels, 4 yrs

“Thank you, dear Lord, for all of my bones.  I like them.” ~Jack, 4 yrs



23 thoughts on “Family Prayer Book

  1. Homeschool Crafts

    Excellent idea! We normally pray for people that each of us take turns to remember e.g. Pastor, Daddy, Granny etc. This will make a good list to follow so we won’t miss out the important people. 🙂

  2. godmadeknown

    Yikes. I feel totally convicted after reading this one. In an attempt to avoid the long, drawn out prayer times of my own childhood (usually when we sat down to eat and all that hot food is right in front of you…) We’ve kept our mealtime prayers pretty short but at least consistent. Even for snacks on the go the boys are in the habit now of sending a shout out to Our Provider like, “Thank you, Lord, for granola bars!” I’ve also tried to instill in them a deep sense of praise for His handiwork by acknowledging the Creator when ever we witness a beautiful sunset, or moon rise, or rainbow, or one of his amazing creatures by whispering (or shouting, when appropriate), “Good job, God!” We thank Him out loud for each lovely breeze or rain shower and we pray often for forgiveness when we’ve wronged one-another and for loved ones in need, but I can honestly say I know in my heart that we need more of that focused prayer time like you’ve described. Thank you for the spur in the side and all the great ideas to get us started. Pray for us as we strive for more prayer!

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Ok, I’ll pray for your focused prayer time, and you pray for my spontaneous prayer time! Deal? YOu have spurred me on, as well! Iron sharpens iron, right? Our mealtime prayers are fairly short and consistent, as well, and I always laugh with joy when my kids play house or tea party and pray at their “meals”… so sweet!

  3. Erin

    LOVE this! I had seen the prayer jar as well, and was about to try it, but I think the journal idea would work much better for us as well! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Well, the jar really is much cuter than a book if you can keep up with the pieces or keep the kiddos from waving them around or poking each other! I bet it would be great for one on one time though! Looking forward to more of the love story… hope I haven’t missed it!

      1. Erin

        You haven’t missed the love story…It’s a lot harder to write than I anticipated! I’ve sat down several times to finish the next part, and end up only writing a few sentences. It’s difficult to put such dear memories into words. 🙂

  4. mwfinchwren

    I LOVE this! I love how visual and clear it is, even for older kids or parents! Thank you for sharing!
    I’d love to incorporate these lovely prayer ideas into our homeschool, too.


  5. Chelle

    This is adorable and such a great idea! I think I will have to steal this one for sure. I also enjoyed reading your journey. I too thought I would do a prayer and memory verse box, but it didn’t work- I just didn’t use it. But a picture journal- that is like a scrapbook and I love scrapbooking! Thanks!

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