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One thing I love about homeschool is that learning never stops.  Math takes place when we have to figure out how many library books we still need to find or how many calories are in the entire can of spray whipped cream if a serving has 15 calories.  (not my idea) Science goes on when we find a worm or a cicada shell outside.  The boys are learning to pull out their sisters’ chairs and open doors for them at snack.  Home ec goes on quite often during chores.  We are reading all the time, and Bible happens nearly every minute around here!

And character training?  There seem to be opportunities for that quite often, too.  “Be a good steward and take care of the things the Lord has blessed you with.”  “Sometimes work isn’t fun, but we should show perseverance and work heartily for the Lord.”  “I know it is hard to choose joy, but this situation is from the Lord and being thankful is what brings God glory.”  I find myself smack dab in the middle of character training moments throughout the day.  However, even with all of those opportunities, I decided to do a little more intentional character training this year using the perfect textbook… the Bible.

I’ve always enjoyed the Duggar’s character qualities chart with definitions.   I bet almost every mom has a copy of this somewhere.  (If you don’t, you can click it and print it!)   (OOOPS!  Thank you to a reader for letting me know that this chart is from IBLP/ATI, the curriculum the  Duggar’s use to homeschool.  When you click the image, you will go to the Duggar’s site to print.)


Click image to download and print from the Duggar’s site.

I studied the 49 character qualities chart and chose 25 for us to learn this year with the Bible verses to be used as our memory verses.  I made copywork / notebooking pages to go in our notebooks.  (You can see our notebooks here.)  I add the memory verse for the week to the top of the kids’ weekly checklists.

charac qual study 3

Whew!  Mom needs to do some character training, too– right along with the children!  Availability-  making my own schedule and priorities secondary to the wishes of those I am serving… “I can help you NOW.  I want to listen to you NOW.  I am here for you NOW. ”  Flexibility-  not setting my affections on ideas or plans which could be changed by God or others...  and  Security-  structuring my life around that which is eternal and cannot be destroyed or taken away…  and  Joyfulness-  the spontaneous enthusiasm of my spirit when my soul is in fellowship with the Lord …  and  on and on and on… 🙂

lev and ms wagon summer

Do you remember when I explained that I’d been reading a lot of Charlotte Mason?  Well, I’ve also been reading a lot of Ruth Beechick.  The two seem to agree on doing daily copywork from selections of beautiful literature and doing dictation often.  So, these verses will also serve as dictation work / spelling tests for us this year, along with other passages from books and poems we read.

“This is the key to simplifying homeschooling:  Practice language skills in the content subjects and not in isolation separately in a language course.”  Ruth Beechick, A Biblical Home Education

Not have an English book?  Not have a weekly spelling list?  Does that sound a little scary to you?  It does to me, too, but we are going to try it.  My third graders will be practicing skills — spelling, grammar, reading, thinking– in their history, science, Bible, and character building– and not in isolation… for now.  🙂  I am going to give it a try and see how it goes.  The character copywork pages I made using the Bible verses have already afforded us opportunities to practice compound sentences, several kinds of punctuation, parts of speech, the spelling of lots of great words, AND we are reading God’s Word!  I am using the shorter verses first.  Writing in our notebooks is great skills practice, as well.

If you are interested in reading more about this, you may like The Three R’s by Ruth Beechick.  This post was also very helpful:  Back to the Basics this School Year at Teaching with TLC.

I am including the Bible verse notebooking pages below.  Click the images if you’d like to download.  🙂  There are extra blank lined pages included, too.

  • cursive part 1
  • cursive part 2
  • print part 1
  • print part 2

copy work cursive 1-2

cursive copywork part 2-2

character print part 1 1

char copywork part 2 print 2

I also use Handwriting Worksheets .com to make quick, easy copywork pages from poems, passages of books, or Scripture. Really, it takes seconds!


You can read about our preschool memory verses here.

We are really enjoying our school year!  Each day is a new blessing and a new adventure.  I love some of our new curriculum choices and would love to share them soon.

Happy Homeschooling!

Come, O children, listen to me;

I will teach you the fear of the LORD…

Psalm 34:11


20 thoughts on “Memory Verses, Character Building, Notebooking Pages

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  2. godmadeknown

    You’ve got this stuff down! You convinced me last year to start the notebooking thing this year and so far it mainly consists of our science activities and weekly copywork like our memory verse, a short prayer, poem or part of a hymn. I really like what you are saying about not learning certain things as isolated subjects (and I really like Ruth Beechick, too!). I was just thinking the same thing about vocabulary and how babies pick it up naturally from their parents but when we get to school it is assigned as a subject. An extensive vocabulary used to be acquired naturally through a life-time of discourse and rich literature but now we group students together with others using the same vocabulary and have them read grade-appropriate literature written with the same limited vocabulary they already have so that by the time they get to highschool their vocabulary is so stunted we have to give them long, random lists of words to learn so they can catch up!

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Oh, I do NOT know what I’m doing! Ha ha! It may change in a month! It’s funny that you say that about vocabulary because that is the exact example that Beechick gave. Oddly enough, we ARE actually doing some vocabulary this year! So, there ya go! It’s official! I’m a mess! 🙂 We are using “Roots and Fruits” and learning a Latin or Greek root each week along with vocab words containing the root. The book was dirt cheap ($15?) and lasts through high school. It works out nicely with our Latin course.
      Just read your post and was so encouraged by “teacher’s two-cents.” Heading there now… 🙂

  3. Heather

    Once again, I am quite inspired and encouraged by this post! I have had the Duggar’s character qualities chart for some time, but have never been quite sure how to use it. Your notebooking pages are a wonderful solution! Thank you!!! I might also incorporate them into the scripture memory system we are using this year from Simply Charlotte Mason. I am also looking forward to your post on your curriculum this year. I originally found this blog when I googled “Charlotte Mason” and “Veritas Press” because I was trying to figure out if anyone else was attempting to mesh them together. 🙂 After a very classically-oriented year last year, we are making our way back to Charlotte Mason in many areas, especially focusing on a literature-rich environment (although we are still plugging away with our Veritas history cards!). Oddly enough, the two subjects about which my daughter (3rd grade) really complains is spelling and writing, both of which are still patterned after the classical model. So your thoughts on spelling are very intriguing. I’d also be interested in how you’re incorporating writing! 🙂 Thanks again for such a lovely and encouraging blog! I always look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Well, I decided to stop using VP. I was worrying myself sick over it. I just couldn’t decide what to do about history this year. I wrote down all my pros and cons about VP and about an Answers in Genesis history that a friend let me borrow. I even had a Charlotte Mason history that I was considering from Simply Charlotte Mason AND Mystery of History. I prayed about all of it, asked a friend to pray for me, and then I took everything to my husband and asked him to look over it. Well, in about 30 minutes to an hour, after looking at everything, he decided on MOH. So, that’s what we are doing! 🙂 I would love to chat with you thru email if you ever want to exchange curriculum ideas! I can give you the long explanation if you are ever interested. What I do not love about MOH is that in just 1 year, you should cover Creation to the Resurrection. I am used to moving much slower with VP. I think I will just take it at our own pace. I agree with you about moving a bit from the classically-oriented year last-year. It was really tiring for everyone and not as productive as the nice picture I had in my head, ya know?! 🙂 I hope to post the curriculum soon! Thanks, friend! I appreciate your encouragement!

  4. mwfinchwren

    Beautiful ideas, and so timely for me! I have been looking for some good memory verses (we have a few from our Jim Elliott study) but I need more….and while some pop into my head from day to day I want them to be Spirit-led. Thank you for the Duggars’ list and for the wonderful Scripture handwriting pages. I’m looking forward to examining them further this weekend!

  5. prairiepaisley.jodi

    Yeah! Love the handwriting sheets I’m going to go crazy printing:) I looooove character training and oh man God just works on me right along with the girls…..these past couple weeks have been CRAZY training! Gripping the hands of Jesus:) loved Mystery of History. Thanks for your ideas and energy:)

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  7. Amy

    Thank you so much for the link to Handwriting I love it! I’ve been looking for a way to make my own copywork to use with Writing with Ease in cursive. But do you know of any way to save the sheets you’ve already made? Like, how did you save yours above? Is there a free program like Handwriting Worksheets where I can make my own cursive copywork and then save it for my other children? Thanks for your help! 🙂

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      OOOPS! I just typed a reply about handwriting sheets to you without clicking on “reply”… you’ll have to click on this page to read it! I’m sorry about that! Thanks for putting up with me! Ha ha!

  8. i have no greater joy Post author

    No, I don’t think you can save them. Boo hoo! 😦 I have been printing an extra and putting the pages in a file folder, but that seems like a waste of precious, expensive ink, doesn’t it? I made the ones above on my computer using a cd rom called Fonts for Teachers. You can read about it here:
    I know there are many FREE fonts out there, but I decided to go ahead and buy this because I thought it would be worth it for years to come. It is NOT NEARLY AS EASY to use as the Handwriting Worksheets site, but at least you can save them!

    I have also used this site occasionally for free….

    I think if you upgrade you would be able to save your documents, and it might be a better deal… I’m not sure!

    1. Amy

      Wow, thank you so much for the tips! I’m in Africa, using a Mac, so for now I’m not leaning towards the Fonts for Teachers program, but still thinking. I just asked on the WTM forums if anyone knows of a cheaper program that would let me save docs. Here is the question if you’d like to see what other ideas people come up with. You were a great help!

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