Preschool Memory Verse Activities

preschool memory verses

This school year, my littles (4) will be learning the verses from My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts by Susan Hunt.  This book has always been one of my favorites!  My big kids learned all of the verses when they were 3-ish, and they still talk about some of the memorable stories from the book today! (like the children who were so well-behaved in the grocery story that the manager took notice… 🙂 )

Some of the verses are in our house rules were inspired by the book, so the twins already have them memorized.  Others will be all new to them.  My heart is happy 🙂 to revisit these stories and verses all over again with my twinnies.

We do your typical activities with memory verses.  Here are a few:

  • say it in different voices… like a teeny mouse, like a giant, like a queen or king, whisper, etc.
  • echo Mom or Mom echoes children
  • make up hand motions
  • say it while stomping, clapping, etc.
  • say it around the table, each person saying the next word
  • say it as a “ticket” to your meal or before going outside
  • learn some of the sign language for the verse

I also like to use Bible verses for pre-reading and early reading activities.  Many times I will point to the words of the verse as we learn it.  Then the following activities are a natural progression.

mem verse matching

Sometimes, I also write the verse on a sentence strip leaving spaces for missing words.  The kids will put cards with the missing words in the correct places.

mem verse words in order

mem verse building words

Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, we are also using the verses as speech for one of the twins.  We practice speaking clearly and saying each word correctly.

I found some printables with cutting and tracing activities for each verse in My ABC Bible Verses at Our Family For His Glory.

We use our morning Bible time at the start of each school day to review previously learned verses.

The big kids will be learning character qualities and accompanying Bible verses this year.  I will be sharing their activities soon.

happy memorizing

To see our big kids’ memory verses & character qualities for this year, click here:

character print part 1 1

9 thoughts on “Preschool Memory Verse Activities

  1. Rebecca S.

    Thank you for sharing! It’s wonderful to hear about how others are memorizing… it stimulates me to want to do more. 🙂

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Oh, Rebecca! You are right! Seeing my children be so diligent in memory work or Bible reading really makes my heart happy and keeps me on my toes! I have to keep up with them! Ha ha! Thank you for always being such an encourager!

  2. terrikenworthy

    I like your tips – thanks! We are doing Alphabet Bible verse Chorus songs from the “Higher Learning Series” this year and I really like the songs. So far I like it more than “Sing the Word from A-Z” which we did last year. I’ll have to consider this one you’re doing for next year 🙂

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