Forgot to Thaw {Fix It Fast Friday}

freezer new

A freezer full of meals and meat is wonderful… until you forget to thaw!  This is a kid-friendly, last-minute meal with no thawing required.  It uses pepperonis instead of beef or sausage in a sauce for cheese ravioli.  You could keep the ingredients on hand just in case…

I changed the original recipe slightly to make more sauce and speed up the prep.

 {You can read and print the original recipe at Taste of Home.}

pepp rav directions

Time Savers:


Use pepperoni minis and skip the chopping!

You can save even more time by leaving out the onion and butter.  Just throw the minis in a pan, add remaining ingredients, and heat.

We know what ravioli looks like, but since most blog recipes include a picture, here it is: 🙂


I don’t know that recipes have much to do with my children walking in the Truth, but I do have to feed those little ones.  🙂

Happy Fast Fixing!

4 thoughts on “Forgot to Thaw {Fix It Fast Friday}

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  2. storiesofourboys

    Yes! I need all the fast meals I can get too. I used to do the elaborate meals……and then I had #4. It may be years before my cooking is “elaborate” again. Now I’ve moved to California, and let me tell you, people here are SERIOUS about food. You should have heard the gasps of horror when I said something about taking my kids to McDonalds….


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