Our Summer Laundry and Prayer Project

summer laundry proj main3

We might call this a summer



project!  🙂

This is a simple way to introduce some geography to my big kids in a way that impacts them directly every day– through their clothing!

We started by checking the labels on all of our clothing as we washed it and making a {neatly written} list of where the articles were made.  It has been interesting to the children to find the places on maps and think about people so far away making, touching, and holding our clothing.  We’ve  prayed for these people and their countries each morning.


We even began tallying the countries to find out where the majority of our clothing is made.  In our house, after a few days of summer laundry, we found Bangladesh to be country where most of our family’s clothes are made.  We started our study there!  In Bangladesh, .3% of the population are Christians.  That’s not 3 percent, that’s POINT 3 percent.  Talk about needing prayer!  We’ve prayed as much for that .3% as we have for the 99.7% of non-Christians.

We’ve had opportunity to talk about the Lord’s glory filling ALL the earth… every nation, tongue, and tribe, every knee bowing!

bible new

We are marking the countries on maps, reading books, and looking at pictures from these far away places.  We are also learning the seven continents, major rivers, land formations, the textile industry, and even major religions.


We have had an article or two made right here at home in the USA, and yes, we’ve been praying for this nation, too!  And the little ones are becoming more interested in maps since the laundry project began!  Here they are looking at all of the states as we do laundry…usa in laundry rm

One of the BEST parts of this project is that my big kids ASKED to do their own laundry!  Woo-hoo!  They have been so diligent to keep up with washing and folding their own clothing for about 3 weeks now!  They each have their own small laundry baskets.  They’ve washed everything in cold water– darks and lights and colors and whites all together, and it’s been great!  Yay for color catchers and dryer bars!  They make it easier!



So next up for this laundry-prayer project:  cleaning and science!  I have a container full of odd socks from the winter months.  We are going to all wear them outside in the dirt and do some experimenting…

sock bucket

Does hot or cold water remove stains better?

Is there a difference in the performance of powder vs. liquid detergent?

Which stain removers work best?

What does bleach do?

It should be fun!

Who knows where this will lead?  Maybe we will look to find where other products in our home are made and pray for those countries, too!  Maybe you will join us!

vietnam tee

“… for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

Isaiah 11:9

Happy Summer and Happy Laundering!



30 thoughts on “Our Summer Laundry and Prayer Project

  1. Happily Occupied Homebodies

    I LOVE this! Keep these ideas coming. I love how you integrate learning and a biblical world view with daily life. This is just the greatest!

    And about color catchers and dryer bars. They sound like just what I need, because my kids do their own laundry, mixing all their clothes in one load too. I’ve used baking soda, which is supposed to help with keeping clothes white and bright, but I’m going to check into these products as well. Thanks again for these great ideas!

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      I remember reading your chore post and being amazed that your kids were doing their laundry!! 🙂 Really, it isn’t THAT difficult, and more times than not our kids actually DO rise to the occasion. When they asked to do it, I was so excited- you know, thinking it would be good for them. I didn’t realize how GREAT it would be for me!! I can tell a huge difference in my laundry load- ha ha. I don’t think it would be practical for us right now to separate darks and lights. So far, we’ve been fine washing in cold water with the color catcher sheets. I DID try a warm load of dark and red cottons with a white wash cloth, and it came out very light pink. We’ve had no problems on cold, and the clothes still look just as clean to me! Thanks for your encouragement to try it! Yay!

  2. Erin

    This is fabulous!! I love that you are praying for these nations in a way that makes it so personal to your children! What a great way to “do school” during the summer. 🙂 I will definitely try this with my children when they get older. Thanks for sharing!

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      It has been a bit of an eye-opener to them for sure! I loved your b’day letter. What a sweet idea! And the fish scales were my favorite part. I just didn’t know how to comment on your post!

  3. Jennifer

    I’m a homeschooler, though my current active blog isn’t about that. I stumbled upon yours by a common blog connection. I love, love, love this idea! How many places could we find…and pray for? You are so creative. Great idea!

  4. Especially Made

    Never thought of laundry and prayer in the same sentence. Although, mountains of backed up laundry do drive me to my knees. What a great idea for teaching kids about the world outside their walls! God has amazing plans for people all over the world!

  5. 2livelovelearn

    No doubt about it, you are SUPER creative! So fun! We’re working on “laundry training” too this summer and I LOVE the geography take, gonna copy you! Thanks for sharing!

  6. daddystractor

    I’ve seen the idea to check clothing labels for a geography lesson, but I love all that you’ve added to it! Praying for the countries is such a great idea and getting kiddos to do laundry, well, that’s just brilliant!!

  7. mm0f2kds

    This is such a practical, yet wonderful way to teach! I shared it with my kids and they loved the idea! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the like! 🙂

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