What God pinned for me today… {and a link to a MUST READ!}

god pinned for me

I had a lot of fun reflecting and writing my “It’s just me” post a couple of weeks ago.  If you happened to read it, you’ll remember that I said I’m learning that comparison is the thief of joy.    Why am I so bad about that?  I admitted some of the comparisons I’ve made but said…

“…but I love my Lord.  I love my husband.  I love our children.  I love our home.  I love my life.  Just. The. Way. It. Is.”
Don’t we all need these bumper stickers?  I’d rather be here, than fishing or shopping or whatever, loving this life that God has chosen for me!  (source)

This week I read a SUPER-DUPER post from one of the Femina girls that points us moms to loving the things on God’s Board, the things God has pinned for us, encouraging us to have hearts of gratitude.

From the post…

“Today is a day when I would have pinned a beautiful embroidery project for me. God pinned my children at the table with scissors and sticky hands.”
“I would have pinned beautifully tailored clothing and expensive shoes. God pinned a muffin top.”
“God did not give me a perfect life, because He has given me a life that He is using to perfect me.”

Go read this post:  God’s Board on Femina.

You’ll be so glad you did!  You’ll be LAUGHING and ENCOURAGED!

After reading God’s Board, I had the best time with my sweetest friends.  We texted each other pics of what God had pinned for us that morning… laundry piles and pen marks and all.  So, here is what God pinned  (or “penned” ha ha) for me…

a morning of cleaning cabinets, baseboards, and door frames with a cleaning crew ages 4-8…



 A forgotten corner in the kitchen…  Yes, that is a giant crumb, a teeny screw, and chocolate milk splatters!  Ha ha!

Woo-hoo!  This is my style!  😉


c clean new

So what’s on God’s board today?  What has He pinned for you?

Whatever He has pinned, love it! (AND GO READ THAT POST!)

Does anyone know how to get pen marks off of walls?  Help!  The Magic Eraser isn’t quite as magic as I thought…

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One thought on “What God pinned for me today… {and a link to a MUST READ!}

  1. Especially Made

    Sometimes I leave pen marks alone … Partly because I forget it’s there after a while, but also because it reminds me of my kids. This includes pen marks I find in my bible. :-).
    This is what works for me, when I do clean them off: toothpaste for crayons, WD-40 for more permanent marks. Hope that works for you!


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