Simple Joys {6.21.13}

life abt

These kiddos bring me much joy and really do remind me what life is all about.

Some say it’s a pajama derby.  Others say this is a rocket launch.  Either way, it’s Saturday morning fun…


The best ride ever… underneath the Walmart basket…photo

The cabbage butterfly caterpillar (eating my cabbage!) didn’t bring me much joy…


…but her smile sure did.

photoHanging out in trees…


Backyard water park…


One of our favorite treats:  lunch at Sam’s.  Does anyone have better pizza or Icees?


Snoopy and Spike (36+ years old) belonged to Daddy.  They are still very well cared for.  I find them nestled together each morning on a sweet one’s bed…


This is the stuff life is made of.  🙂  This crew really does teach me what life is all about.

“…proclaiming thanksgiving aloud, and telling all Your wondrous deeds! “

Ps 26:7

Soon I’ll be sharing our Leviticus activities which slowed down due to swimming lessons.


AND… we are working on a laundry project this summer.  Maybe you will join us!  Coming soon!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Simple Joys {6.21.13}

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      I love that quote, too! So true isn’t it? We are having so much fun learning about Leviticus, and I actually thought the kids might not be too interested. We have found some ways to make it fun! Can’t wait to share.

  1. terrikenworthy

    You guys are having way too much fun over there! I love the pajama derby – those boots look kind of Mongolian . . . are they felt? Now I’m hungry for pizza . . .


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