HaPpY fiRsT dAy Of SUmMeR!

We’ve had a busy week around here conquering lots of “firsts.”

I’ve found out that my littles are not big fans of firsts.  We’ve been repeating “Fear not for I am with thee” over and over and over…

This week the twins went to the dentist for the first time…


They were all smiles when the check up was OVER!


I made sure that Mary Sorrels wore the gum ball machine dress so that I could take her picture.  It was the same one Catherine wore to her first dentist visit 3 years ago… Can you tell?


The littles also took swimming lessons for the first time.  Their last lesson was today.  It was a rough beginning, but we finished strong!  🙂


Some firsts for the big kids too…

They learned how to remove clothing in the water and make floatation devices using their jeans!


To welcome in summer, we FINALLY did the first few pages in our nature notebooks!  We did a few nature studies during our regular school year, but not as many as I’d hoped.  As a first time homeschooling mom, I was not very successful at fitting everything in!  I am so glad to make more time for this over the slow summer and keep it up during the fall!



I hope your First Day of Summer is a blast!  

Enjoy HIS creation!


3 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. godfollower007

    hi there! thank you for the follow and for “getting to know us” a little bit! i am so excited to have you on my following list and to have another follower in the blogging community!

  2. Valerie

    “Fear not for I am with thee” is much better than “this too shall pass!”! 😉 I’ll have to start using that one. Such cute photos of the kids, btw. 🙂


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