Happy Donut Day!

Happy June and Happy Donut Day to you!  


Next week I’ll be sharing a “June Fun and Silly Days” calendar with links for fun activities!  Today is Donut Day!  June 3rd is Egg Day and June 4th is Aesop’s birthday!  June is also Dairy Month, Great Outdoors Month, and Iced Tea Month!  What a party!


We are having fun learning from Leviticus, and I am excited about some fun activities…



AND I’m still planning to share what I think about this whole blogging thing now that

my blog is 1 year old!  

Happy June!  Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Happy Donut Day!

  1. justneedcoffee

    Congrats on your one year blogging anniversary!!! Whoo hoo!! You blog is so wonderful too!!
    Donut day is the best way to celebrate your spectacular blog friend!!
    Many blessings to you this next year of blogging fun!!
    Hugs~ Aimie


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