Exodus Excitement Wrap-Up

exodus wrap

I’ve had so much fun in Exodus learning alongside the children!  These are some highlights from our adventures!   (I’ve included links at the close of this post for our activities from the beginning of Exodus.)

The girls made Miriam tambourines using disposable pie and cake pans.  This idea came from Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.  I found tambourine directions from Crayola.


The boys made High Priest breastplates and turbans.  This idea came from Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide.  We have used this book for a lot of fun games and crafts!  I highly recommend it!



The book suggests using buttons for the jewels and gold wrapping paper and cardboard for the breastplate, but we just used what we had!  The High Priest wore jewels for each of the twelve tribes and “took the tribes with him” as entered, acting as representative.

513S3bAfnKL._SY300_What reading of Exodus would be complete without a study of the tabernacle?  Thanks to this post from Danika Cooley at Thinking Kids, we were introduced to a book that helped us construct our own model of the tabernacle!  We used God’s Special Tent:  The Story of the Tabernacle and What Came After by Jean Stapleton, which includes paper patterns ready for cutting!  I especially enjoyed this book because as Cooley explains,

“The book ends with the triumphant fulfillment of the shadow the tabernacle represents.  Christ fulfills the promise of the priesthood, sacrificial system, and the tent.  We, the people of God, have become living stones in the house of God.  It doesn’t get any better than that!”


Thinking Kids also has suggestions for Bible activities, a free Bible curriculum, and free Bible notebooking pages.  We love notebooking!  (Look at the menu at the top of the Thinking Kids site for Bible Road Trip!)

We were able to take a virtual tour of the tabernacle with our Glo Bible software!


We used our Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines to see illustrations and explanations of each element of the tabernacle.


We did a lot of notebooking during Exodus and also studied all of that grumbling the Israelites did even after God parted a sea and rescued them from the greatest nation in the world!  We studied Psalm 78, the golden calf, and institution of feasts.  I’ve enjoyed Celebrating Biblical Feasts in Your Church or Home by Martha Zimmerman.

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10 Commandments. 5 Minutes

This is a super simple way to learn the 10 Commandments QUICKLY!


Now, on to Leviticus….


My blog is 1 year old!  I’ll be sharing some reflections on one year of blogging soon.  It’s been an interesting journey…


16 thoughts on “Exodus Excitement Wrap-Up

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      I can thank the books for the “well-thought-out” part! 😉 I want them to love God’s word and “meditate on it day and night”! I try to make it the most looked forward to part of the day. I really do teach other things, too… they just don’t always show up on here! 🙂 And thank you!

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      It took a little longer than expected. 😦 Oh well… I would read the God’s Special Tent book while they colored and cut. (We still haven’t quite finished reading.) I hope they will remember it! I liked the book because it did a great job of illustrating how each element points to Christ. I learned some things myself!

  1. prairiepaisley.jodi

    Ok, so I think you get homeschooling mom of the year, your kiddos are having too much fun:)! I love all the activities and I’m studying Covenant precepts study which we went through the tabernacle in great detail and it was great! The girls and I are going to do her kids covenant study this summer, so excited! Have a great weekend and send some fun energy our way!

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Oh no! I can do crafts, but I always joke that pretty soon I’m going to have to do some REAL teaching! Ha ha! I will look up that study! Still trying to get to the big city to buy smash books!

  2. Danika Cooley

    Thanks for sharing your time in Exodus! It looks like you all had fun. I appreciate you mentioning Bible Road Trip as well! God’s Special Tent is such a neat book. I’m glad it worked for your family too. 🙂

    1. i have no greater joy Post author

      Well I thank you! You have shared so much! Your suggestions have been so helpful! I am going to take a little more time to dig deeper into Bible Road Trip. I had not heard of some of the books you mentioned, and I’m sure we would like those, too. I think the prayer is a really neat aspect, as well. Thanks bunches!

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  4. Jessica

    I LOVE this! I’m looking for an at home VBS type program to do this summer with my kids and this looks like a great place to start.

  5. Pingback: Leviticus Activities Wrap-Up | i have no greater joy

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