Teaching the Trinity for St. Patrick’s Day!

st. pat day

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to reinforce the Trinity…and have fun!  Here are some things we’ve been doing to celebrate and learn!

st p 3

We read this Kindle book about St. Patrick’s life.  Each year we talk about St. Patrick and his return to Ireland to teach the people about the One in Three, but there were a few new things in this book that I learned!  The illustrations are great!


We’ve been singing this song to the tune “Are You Sleeping?”:

trinity song

We made our own Trinity shamrocks and looked for verses in our Bibles.

our shamrocks

shamrock hearts

We made shamrock paint stamps using bell peppers!  You have to use the tips to get 3-leaf shamrocks instead of 4!  The twins told me each part of the Trinity as they painted!

bell pepper stamps

Our family is learning the hymn St. Patrick’s Breastplate.  It has a total of 9 verses!  Here are the first, second, and eighth verses.

st. patrick's breastplate

We’ve been practicing The Apostle’s Creed…

I believe in God the Father Almighty…. and in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord…. I believe in the Holy Spirit

It really has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s day, but we made pretzels– cinnamon roll pretzels.  I have always heard that the three holes in the pretzel were once used to help explain the trinity and are shaped as hands crossed in prayer… so it relates, right??


I love taking every opportunity I can to teach my children more about their awesome God!

happy st p day from us

st p 4


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