The little ones? During homeschool? Oh, they play with the trash!

One of the most helpful (and easiest) things we’ve done at our house to make homeschooling with little ones go smoothly is daily bin rotation.   We have most of our toys and activities separated into bins and stored in a closet.   When it is time for the big kids to do school alone, I get out a bin for the little kids.  Some of our bins include wooden blocks, tractors and trucks, tea party, puzzles, Duplos, magnetic letters with cookie sheets, play-doh, and dress up clothes.  The littles pick a different bin each school day.  The best part is that they rarely get bored with the activities we have because they only see them once per week or even once every two weeks!  🙂  An added bonus is that I can keep the size of a mess under control… there’s never more to pick up than what fits in a bin!  One rotating activity is playing with old containers… AKA:  trash!  We actually keep this “trash” in a trash bag instead of a bin!

Image 5I had good intentions in saving these containers.  Really, I did.  I needed some for a craft. I planned to make cute little learning games with others that the twins could use for building fine motor skills, matching letters, and counting.  I got into a habit of washing them and putting them away.  The cute games were never made, but I think the containers are pretty fun (and educational?) as is!

The littles can work on sorting…

Image 4


…and stacking.

Image 1Would you consider this music practice or hammering?

Image 3Putting on lids is great for matching and fine motor development!

  I have also given the twins a few scoops of big, dry, easy to clean pasta to pour from jar to jar and shake.  Playing with the “trash” can be fun!

I think we may soon begin playing with food!


These beans are just screaming to be sorted or used to make patterns!  🙂

It’s too bad the rotating bins don’t always keep everyone busy or out of the markers and soap…




6 thoughts on “The little ones? During homeschool? Oh, they play with the trash!

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