December Birthdays

Yes, yes!  I know!  I know it’s January, but I still want to post about our December birthdays, AND you might soon see a New Year’s post and an Epiphany post… oh well!  I was pretty busy on those three weeks off!  Better late than never?

In December, my sweet little twinies….

twinies newborn

Happy bday twins


… my little twinies turned FOUR!  4 !!! ——>

YEP!  They dress themselves!  :)

{ YEP, they dress themselves!  🙂 }

~getting bigger~

Where did the years go?!?!  I guess time flies when you’re having fun!


An ever bigger December birthday to celebrate is the “Re-birth Day” of my twinies!  Here they are at two weeks old, baptized and adopted into God’s covenant family!

twins' baptism


In December, the twins wanted to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus each time we blew out our Advent candles.  We’ve been doing that since the big kids were toddlers at the conclusion of our Advent wreath worship time.  Maybe Charles and I will still sing Happy Birthday to Jesus even when we have teenagers or adult children!  🙂

Advent Wreath


In December, this little one….

shannon jump rope

… turned 34 !!! ——>

birthday at drAs I kissed the early thirties good-bye and welcomed the mid-thirties, I spent a lot of time, including my birthday, in the doctor’s office.  Not to worry… after many mammograms {It’s not so bad, so don’t put it off! 🙂 } and ultrasounds, I think all will be A-OK!  Here I am in my “spa robes” {ha ha!}  awaiting my procedures.  I thank my special group of sweet prayer warrior sisters who lifted me up– and continue to– during this time!  🙂  Love you!

It’s a good life… mid-thirties, unexpected doctor visits, gray hair natural platinum highlights and all!  My cup still overflows!   God has blessed me beyond measure!  Birthdays are such blessings and so much fun!

“And you shall rejoice in all the good that the LORD your God has given to you and to your house!”  Deut 26:11 

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