Hard Work U {and Branson, too}

Before Christmas, our family took a fun little trip to Branson.  Yes, yes, we’ve been there before… a few many times.  Our children always enjoy it, and Charles and I enjoy watching them!  😉  One of the highlights of this trip was visiting College of the Ozarks,  also known as Hard Work U, a “working college.”  No tuition is charged.  Sounds pretty good, huh?  Every student participates in the work program to meet the full cost of tuition.

Hard Work U


From the website:  “Upon complete participation in the Work Education Program, the College guarantees to meet the entire cost of education for students, allowing them the opportunity to graduate debt-free. The College openly discourages debt by not participating in any government loan programs and leads by example through having no institutional debt of any kind.”  It is a Christian school, too!

We were able to visit many areas of the Work Education Program.  We saw the mill, the jam and fruitcake kitchen, the basket weaving and weaving looms, the landscape department and greenhouses, the dairy cows, and The Keeter Center, a lodge and dining room run by students in the hotel management work program.   We saw the chapel where students can worship at services every Sunday.  It was a great experience for the children!

Lev with millstone

Leven with millstone

the mill

at the mill


Leven and Catherine see the weaving

enjoying the lodge

enjoying the lodge

the chapel

the chapel

This trip to Branson also included a tour of the Titanic Museum for our little captain.  Leven has read every book that our local libraries have on the subject, and he even took notes during the tour!  I think he’s finally ready to explore a new topic!


A trip to Branson for our crew would not be complete without a visit to Sight and Sound Theatre!  The whole family enjoys watching  “the Bible come to life” as the company says.  We have enjoyed numerous performances… Noah, three times; The Miracle of Christmas, once; and Joseph, twice!  It was a real treat to go behind the scenes for a special tour!

sight and soundWe had a fun trip and made great memories!  I am so thankful for each and every opportunity that God provides for our family to spend time together and do something “special”!  Every blessing is from His hand, and we “give thanks to His holy name!”  Ps 30.

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