Advent At Our House… Prophecies Fulfilled

MS with nativity


Did you know that many pieces of a nativity scene illustrate a fulfillment of prophecy?  This morning our family explored how parts of our nativity were also clues and signs revealed by God’s prophets hundreds of years before Jesus was even born!  We took turns finding and reading these verses for each piece:

Star- Numbers 24:17

Virgin Mary- Isaiah 7:14

Joseph- descendent of David- Jeremiah 23:5

Bethlehem (our stable)-  Micah 5:2

Angels proclaiming peace  Haggai 2:9, Isaiah 9:6 and 9:7

Wise Men-    Psalm 72:10, Isaiah 60:6 (shepherds)

Baby Jesus-   Isaiah 9:6

 I’m sure there are many more!  Happy hunting! 🙂

We thought exploring these prophecies was both interesting and fun with our nativity scene as a guide!  Dad was also sure to remind us that these prophets (and others) called God’s people back to Him.  So we were able to read and discuss examples of that, too!  It is amazing to see our children think so deeply about Scripture and make connections of their own!  What a great joy!

Merry Christmas!

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