Advent At Our House… Our {semi} Homemade Jesse Tree Ornaments

Stump Ornament

Advent!  Coming!  We are preparing our hearts and home to celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior, leaving His home in glory because of His great love for us.  It’s a time of excitement and anticipation!  It is a time of reflection, thanksgiving, and repentance.  It is a wonderful opportunity for us as parents to focus and direct the hearts and minds of our little lambs to their Good Shepherd.  It’s a time to remember He is the reason for the season… and EVERYTHING else, too!  🙂

We are using The Jesse Tree scripture readings (from several different studies) each night in December!   It is a great way to reinforce to our children that the Bible isn’t just a bunch of little stories, but one big book of our history, HIS-story, all pointing to our Savior!  We will be doing a reading each night and then hanging a corresponding ornament.  We made some of our own Jesse Tree ornaments this year.  We tried our hand at salt dough, but I think the pipe cleaners and crumpled paper ornaments are the cutest!  We may need to upgrade next year!  🙂  Below each picture, I’ve described the ornaments.

Jesse Tree 1

Paper Tube Stump and Pipe Cleaner Shoot- Shoot from the Stump of Jesse-  Isaiah 11:1-3, Painted Blue Ornament Earth- Creation,  Salt Dough Tree- Fall and God’s promised Seed, Salt Dough Rainbow- Flood  (We are planning to make a paper coil snake and fingerprint rainbow, too!  Fun!)

Jesse Tree 2

Roll of $1 Star Garland-  God’s Covenant with Abraham,  Baby Footprint-  Isaac’s Birth,  Sticks-  Sacrifice of Isaac, Pipe Cleaner Ladder-  Jacob,  Pipe Cleaner Star- Gen. 35 God Renames Jacob,  Tissue Paper Coat- Joseph,  Salt Dough Stone Tablets- 10 Commandments

Jesse Tree 3

Scarlet Cord (from a set of jingle bells)-  Rahab,  Grain-  Ruth,  Salt Dough Horn of Oil and Shepherd’s Staff-  Samuel Anoints David,  Toilet Paper Tube Crown- King David,  Egg Carton Temple-  Solomon House for God,  Heart Key Chain-  Solomon’s Heart of Wisdom

Jesse Tree 4

Scroll-  Josiah, Pipe Cleaner & Bead Candle-  Light- Isaiah 42, Salt Dough & Felt Fire-  Elijah,  Cardboard & Foil Sword-  Swords into Plowshares- Peace-  Isaiah 2:4,  Word on Heart-  Jeremiah.  (We are also planning to make a Bethlehem ornament for Micah 5:2.)

Jesse Tree 5

Dove-  Prince of Peace, Construction Paper Slate-  Zechariah and Elizabeth,  Shells-  Water, John the Baptist,  Paper Hand Traced Lilly-  Mary,  Cardboard Carpenter’s Square- Joseph,  Spoon Angel, Salt Dough Manger

We made our ornaments over a couple of days, but if you’re feeling crafty this Advent, you could make one each day along with your reading!  🙂  We found some of our ideas here.

We want to share more of Advent At Our House soon!  We hope you are enjoying the preparation and anticipation of His arrival at your house, too!  🙂  Merry Christmas!


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