Wall Marks

missing teeth

By Shel Silverstein

wall marks

Yes, Mama cries.  My children are growing, and I get a little sad.  I love these days and the fun we have and the hugs they need and the funny things they say.  I want to grab up these moments and hold on to them forever!

I just received these priceless Prayer Portraits of my children!  The sweet artist prayed Bible verses over each child as she sketched them and even wrote her prayer for each child that she gave me when she delivered them! She would call me if she had questions as she studied each eyelash and hair.  I wanted to share them with my friends and family because they are an amazing representation of just where we are right now!  They capture their sweetness and childlike beauty that I don’t want to ever forget!  They are in the family room so that I get to pass by them many times each day!  They always make me smile!  Amazing, huh?  🙂

prayer portraits

As they grow, and the wall marks get higher and higher, these portraits will always help me remember these precious days!

Image 1


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