Learning Together… Abraham, Astronomy, and Mm!

It worked out perfectly that the children were studying the fourth day of creation in science at the same time we were digging into God’s covenant with Abraham in history!  As we talked about God calling Abraham to look toward heaven and number the stars, it was so much more meaningful to learn just how many stars there are!  “So shall your offspring be.”  What an awesome promise!

((Also, if you haven’t heard Jamie Soles {we love The Way My Story Goes} then you ought to check out his music!  You can also listen to samples here on Amazon. 🙂 ))

We were all able to learn together!  We had fun on a planetarium field trip with Aunt Clare!  The kids did age appropriate work and projects during our Abraham study.

We learned all about the moon during our fourth day study and the twins were also learning about the letter Mm.  We were amazed to learn that footprints on the moon will be there forever because there is no wind or rain to blow or wash them away.  We learned about the planets and seasons and days and years!  We loved listening to  Galileo and the Star Gazers.

The kids took turns pretending to be the sun, moon, & earth.  There was a lot of rotating, revolving, laughing, and falling!  This activity didn’t last very long…

More Mm fun…

I’ll leave you with a couple of space jokes that we’ve had fun with during our science lessons…

Which planet is the smartest?

Venus!  It’s so bright!  🙂

Which planets are sad?

Uranus and Neptune!  They are blue!  🙂

We are having such a great time learning together!  Life is good.  My cup overflows 🙂

4 thoughts on “Learning Together… Abraham, Astronomy, and Mm!

  1. Alicia S.

    This is my first year homeschooling (pre-k and 7th grade) and I’m amazed at how often lessons relate to one another – it’s such a cool experience! Just last week we happened to be learning about David and Goliath, so we created our own slingshots. Then for science, we wound up learning the physics behind professional slingshot stunts and doing a slingshot experiment of our own. Thanks for sharing!

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