A long post about our month– in pictures…

The flip-flops in the pail by the back door have been replaced with tennis shoes.  I find myself meeting piles like this more often…

We spent some time this month observing butterflies who made their home in our yard.  It was so much fun.  They have polka dot bodies!  Wow!  They are gone now. 😦

All around us, things are turning white!

The kids asked me for school uniforms…

We took a fun weekend trip out of town for a football game…

We found the Duggars’ house while we were away.  We have watched many episodes on DVD.  Jack thought we were going inside to see them.  He was very disappointed when he realized we were only driving by…

BIG NEWS for us this month:  My 3 1/2 year old Jack is reading!  And “big” sister (smaller but older by 2 minutes!) is not far behind him!  So many friends and family have joined us in lifting my sweet twins up in prayer!  I am so thankful for those prayers!!  Friends have helped me between numerous therapies and school drop off times.  Family members have helped during appointment after appointment with therapists, doctors, developmental programs.  We have been through a lot!   Our Gracious Father has heard our prayers!  🙂

Pizzas in pajamas…

My kitchen counter looked like this for over a week because of sick kiddos.  (Here is a medicine chart! 🙂 )

We have “peacemakers” and “troublemakers” jars.  We are dropping in a Lego when we exhibit each quality and counting them at the end of the day.  Rewards are yet to be determined.

I tried to stop drinking my favorite diet soda this month in an effort to be healthier and drink more water.  I’m still not drinking much water, and I think I’ve gained about 5 pounds!  Maybe my Diet Coke isn’t so bad after all?? 😉

Mom loves crafts and contact paper….

Leven has taken an interest in Shel Silverstein and the Titanic.  He is reading and learning all he can about these in free time.  He’s even written some silly poems of his own…  (We are working on spelling, grammar, and capitalization. 🙂 )

The kids illustrated a “Prepare for Sunday” chart that we are using on Saturday mornings!

We still love homeschool…

My favorite picture of September…

All own his own, Big Brother wants to teach Little Sister to read.

“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.” Ps 16:6

Pleasant places indeed…

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