Friday Fun ~ Crazy Skills

A sweet new friend let me borrow a wonderful book called Loving the Little Years. It is a bright, funny (yet serious) look at our attitudes- the attitudes we moms have in those tough moments while raising little ones! Are we dealing with our own sinful selfish hearts before we deal with theirs? (Yikes!)

The author says she sometimes breaks in the day to let the kids demonstrate “Crazy Skills!” I love this idea! This was pretty fun! I let each child have a set amount of time to “show us what he’s got!” Then I gave out awards! 🙂 Try this when everyone needs a pick-me-up! 🙂

The book really helps moms deal with themselves, but it’s also chock-full of creative, encouraging ways to help us help our kids! There are great “mind movies” as we call them at my house (stories without pictures) that the author has used to help her kids understand their sin… like a story about horses to help kids control those emotions! We each have a beautiful horse. (Leven’s is dark brown, and Catherine says hers is white. We closed our eyes and imagined what our strong, pretty horses look like.) Our emotions are like that horse. God gave them to us when we were born. However, we are the riders. When our horses start to veer off of the gentle, sunny path in the flowery meadow, we must rein them in! We can’t let those horses go in a dark cave or a place with rocks and holes and spiders and spooky trees. We have to control them, and if they do swerve or change course, it’s our job to get them back on the path! Don’t you love that?! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun ~ Crazy Skills

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