Beginning Our New Journey in Homeschool

Salvete!  (I’m learning Latin! Yipee!) We did it, friends.  We completed our first day of Second Grade and preschool!  (By the time I actually finish writing this, we will have completed the second day!)  This was a new journey for us.  We worked at home all summer, but this was uncharted territory.  This was the real deal… six subjects and preschool (with more in the days to come) plus chores, stories, hymn, prayer…  This was more busy than the busiest I’ve known… even busier than having four children under four!  Ha ha!  But it was a joy to spend this time with my children… not only training them and teaching them, but enjoying them… slowing down…  loving them… laughing and crying with them… appreciating them and each of their personalities and differences, learning how they really need to grow.  I have learned more about each of them on this homeschool journey than I ever knew before!  For some reason, during school (outside of our home) I was always on a mission to get to the next thing. I was always hurrying, rushing.  I was always ready to check something off of that list!!  Now our days are busy, but it’s a good busy.  We are working as a team and a family!  I love settling in to a good story after lunch, all of the kids all over the floor and couch and chairs with blankets and pillows.  I’ve been missing out on this!  I just haven’t “had enough time.”  Thank you, Gracious Father, for calling me to this and for giving me this time to learn and grow and enjoy being a mommy!

Our first day started with me burning part of our breakfast!!

Note to self… don’t use “broil” when you are busy! 🙂

Here is my “HOME”room class today! This is the perfect picture of our imperfect journey, ya know?! 🙂

Everyone was excited to be measured on our first day of school! Did they really grow THAT MUCH?!

I had this image in my head of the kids sitting quietly around the kitchen table most of the day, intently listening to me.  Well, that’s not exactly how things work… There was one point during our first day, that I walked in the kitchen to find that Jack had peeled the crayon paper off of about 20 crayons in little strips– so we have a hundred little strips maybe. They were not in a neat little pile or in the trash can.  They were everywhere!  They were mixed in with tiny pieces of popcorn that he’d just had for snack… on the table, on the floor, in the chairs.  It looked like confetti from a party.  I decided to turn around and leave the kitchen  only to find the twins’ morning box of Little People all over the floor of the den, along with some books, and a cave of blankets Mary Sorrels had set up using all of the pillows from the chairs and couch!  I’ve instituted quick-house-pick-ups several times throughout the day!  The mess was all cleaned in 5 minutes, and I tried to remember that messes and crumbs are just a part of my life right now! (read more here) 🙂  They are even a part of homeschool!  There are those moments when everyone is smiling and quiet around the table together, but there are also messes, and excitement, and noise! 🙂

I planned for school like nobody’s business!  🙂  My mom even reminded me that my principal was not coming to check on me!  (Did I mention that I used to teach First Grade? ) Charles patiently loved me while I just wanted to “finish up one last thing” many times!  However, he is the one who reminds me of the 5 Ps… Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!  Here is a peek into my new little homeschool world…

These were a life saver today!

Making and planning this schedule was a huge REALITY CHECK! Yes, Shannon, this is going to be a lot of work! BUT, we are off on Fridays, and we have no homework! Yipee! Our new fall schedule may need some adjustments, though!

lots of notebooks and supplies

new, fun days of creation calendar numbers

(I found the calendar numbers here!)

Someone sweet gave me this $5 garage sale find! It is my “desk” and holds supplies for the week from our storage closet.

To teach is to learn! To learn is to teach! :))))

We all set goals for the year… academic, character, family goals.  Some of us want to learn to write faster, some of us want to learn Latin.  Some of us want to be more like ants and less like sluggards.  We all want to “count others more significant than ourselves” and remember that we are family!  We are part of something bigger than ourselves.  We looked at our house rules and new blessing chart and thought and prayed about how we want to grow…

The kids weren’t the only ones who set goals!  I did, as well!  There are quite a few, but two of them are: I want the kids to be readers!  I want them LOVE and ENJOY reading!  Also, I want to remember to focus on the children’s hearts, not just their outward behavior…what an easy trap for me to fall into…

We really loved our little school last year (find out more here)… the teachers, the friends, the learning!  But homeschool is the way for us right now.  I know I am not the best teacher, but I am their best teacher because I am their momma!  I know them like no one else and know how they can best grow in our family.  I can best teach them about our faith and our life by having them here with me.  Thank you to our supportive friends and family who have prayed for us and loved us during this time as we seek to answer His call!  There will be tough times, but I have no greater joy!  🙂  I often remember this verse:

“He who calls you is faithful.  He will surely do it!”

1 Thessalonians 5:24

6 thoughts on “Beginning Our New Journey in Homeschool

  1. Deborah Webb

    Dearest Shannon, you are such a blessing to your family. My heart is humbled by your faith and I admire you so much. It brings tears to my eyes when I read your posts. Truly my cup runneth over 🙂

  2. Kyli

    I found your blog by accident on Pinterest. Middle of the night, and couldn’t sleep. I am truly inspired and reminded of my calling as a mother to the sweet children that have been sent to my home, for me to care for and for me to learn from. For me to teach them about The Lord and his plan for each of us. Thank you for your example of faith, dilligence, and love. Truly, you are an inspired mother.

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