His Way is Perfect

Well, what can I say? Sometimes the things we most want to teach our children are the things we most need to learn ourselves…

The twins’ memory verse a couple of weeks ago was 2 Samuel 22:31: “As for God, his way is perfect.” We have had many opportunities to live this verse… She got there before me, and I’m not first?! Yes, His way is perfect. I dropped my ice cream?! Yes, you did. His way is perfect. I need to share?! Yes, His way is perfect. I need to forgive?! Yes, his way is perfect.

Does this really apply to Mom, too?

Is this really what God planned for me?!

How could I forget that I am his precious child?! He knows every hair on my head and not a one can fall apart from his will! He knows every breath I take and every thought before I think it. He but spoke and a universe leapt into existence.

YES! Even for ME, his way is perfect!

This is a very simple, unimportant-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things example, but it is a great picture of bigger, more significant events when I’ve questioned God’s plan…

Our trip to the beach was going “wrong” even before we arrived. Then we were welcomed by a forecast of storms….


But would we have been able to witness this beauty of God’s creation without the storm?


Or this after another rain?


Sometimes, I get to the other side of the storm and see that God’s plan was beyond anything I could have expected. Other times, I never see how my hardships are growing me, producing Christlikeness in me, or bringing Him any glory– especially with my grumpy heart! They seem like a big mistake!

Everything is in His hands! What e’er my God ordains is right. Every little thing that He chooses for me is exactly what He wants. Yes, Mom too is still learning “his way is perfect.”

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