A Few More Fun Gift Ideas

Here are some more gift ideas for back-to-school or Teacher Appreciation Week “happies”… or use them for any day of the year!

These cute ideas are not mine! 🙂  I found them from several places a while ago.  Sorry that I’m not sure exactly where!

Coke or Diet Coke-  I’m soda-lighted to be in your class!

Starbucks card or cute mug-  I love you/thanks a latte!

Teas/ tea mix/ cute insulated ice tea cup- You’re tea-riffic!

Highlighters-  Thanks for brightening my day!

Cupcakes or Muddy’s GC-  You take the cake!  I think you’re first rate!

Cute ruler, measuring tape, or yard stick-  You really measure up!

Calculator or math game-  You’re sum-body special!

Donuts for & from the class-  Donut you know we love you?

Cheese ball & crackers-  Don’t mean to sound cheesy, but we hope you have a ball this year!

Puzzle for the class-  I’m puzzled about how I got such a great teacher!

Nuts- I’m nuts about you!

Mints-  You were mint to teach!

I think these ideas are just so fun and not limited to teachers!  We took some neighbors mint cookies today because we think good neighbors are just mint to be!  (We love our new neighbors… our cousins! 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “A Few More Fun Gift Ideas

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