Back to School Gift Bag for Teacher

Looking for a quick, inexpensive, and easy back to school gift for a special teacher?  Print this off, stick it to a bag, and add a ribbon! 🙂

Need more ideas?  Use them for “happies” for friends, Sunday school teachers….

Pasta & sauce- Have a pasta-tively great year!

Measuring cups & spoons-  Wishing you joy beyond measure this year!

Oven mitt filled with treats-  I have to ad-mitt you’re great!

Bubble bath-  May your year bubble over with fun!

Sub shop gift card-  There’s no sub-stitute for you!

Need more ideas?  Let me know! 🙂  I’ll do another post with more!

7 thoughts on “Back to School Gift Bag for Teacher

    1. Shannon Post author

      I know! I think they are pretty cute, too! 🙂 Then there’s homemade bread… you were there when I “kneaded” you… soup mixes… you’re soup-er… Too cute! 😉

  1. Catherine

    Love these!! Did you come up with them yourself?? Yes, if you have more ideas, please post! Love your blog!!

    1. Shannon Post author

      Hi, friend!! :)))) Hope you guys are well! Miss y’all! Thanks for reading! You might be one of my only readers! 😉 That’s okay, though! NO, NO, NO… I did not come up with these! I found all of the ideas them from several different places. I think when all of my kids were in school, we had about 8 different teachers at once! I loved them all, wished I could shower them with gifts, but needed some cute, small ways to show them we care. These ideas are the result of lots of searching. Wish I could give some credit, but I’m not sure where I found them. 😦

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