Chores…For Kids and Mom

After a summer of chore training, I think we are finally getting somewhere!  We had a great week of hard work and chores getting done without much help from Mom!  We are making (slow, but steady) progress!  We always tell the children how much we need and appreciate their help in being good stewards of our home!  They are beginning to see that it’s true!  Visit Titus 2 for great information on setting up a chore system– from planning to implementing!

The big kids (and soon the twins) take turns being a meal helper, which includes meal prep and setting the table.  All the kids help with meal clean-ups.

I have been trying to follow a little chore system, too!  I’m sure all of you Pinterest folks already have tons of cute cleaning calendars!  I haven’t found one that’s just right for me, so I’m planning to make one.  (I’m also working on an organization binder!  Will post on both soon! 🙂 )  Here is a little cleaning calendar that I’m using for now, mostly for the weekly part, but I don’t follow it exactly!

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