Weekend Getaway Snapshots

Charles and I had some much needed R & R on a two-night trip to Nashville!  We took some time off from being Mom and Dad and had some time as husband and wife!  Thank you, Nana and Mimi!

Charles always reminds me that one day, these little kiddos will be all grown up and gone!  Then it will be just the two of us once again.  We don’t want to be like strangers when that day comes!  We have to remember to take time to foster our relationship now…even when we are really busy! (and even when we can’t take a trip!)

We had a wonderful time… shopping, new accessories (love purses and shoes! 🙂 ), leisurely lunches, live music, great food, uninterrupted conversations, out past 8… and best of all– time together!!  I enjoyed every minute of our little trip!

Charles is just too good to me!

Now it’s back to more R & R… reality and routine! 🙂

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